This Day in Blogging History: Arpanet 1971 tattoo; What the net will do to your favorite medium; Geronimo's descendants want skull back from Skull & Bones

One year ago today

Tattoo of the ARPAnet as it stood in 1971: Matt Senate has a tattoo of the ARPAnet as it stood in 1971.

Five years ago today

On the demise of books, newspapers, music and movies: The factors that led to the demise of newspapers, the transformation of music, and the potential destruction of big budget movies and mass-market publishing (and what can be done about the last one).

Ten years ago today

Descendants of Geronimo are suing Skull and Bones for skull: Geronimo's heirs have filed a lawsuit against the Skull and Bones in federal court in Washington. They want the Yale secret society to return Geronimo's skull and other remains, which they say were stolen by George Bush's grandfather, Prescott S. Bush, in 1918.