This Day in Blogging History: Takei responds to "traditional marriage" fans; CCTVs (only) work in parking lots; History of vice-card design

One year ago today

George Takei responds to "traditional" marriage fans: Star Trek star and noted homosexual George Takei responds to bigots who believe in restricting the right to love to straight people only.

Five years ago today

Gigantic study of UK CCTVs find that they should be used in parking lots, scrapped elsewhere: The UK may have deployed 14 CCTV cameras per red blood cell, but a meta-review of 44 studies on crime and CCTV find that ubiquitous surveillance is useful in late night parking lots, and that's about it.

Ten years ago today

Design evolution of the vice-card: Vice-cards are the glossy cards advertising prostitutes' services that are placed in phone booths all over London. The tradition goes back decades, and a Graphic Communications conference recently heard this paper on the design evolution of the vice-card.