Kickstarting a doc about making a living in the arts

Olga writes, "Director and photographer Allan Amato is making a documentary film about how creative people wake up in the morning and persevere at being inspired and choosing to make art their living."

The TEMPLE OF ART documentary will provide an insightful look into the lives of some of our favorite working artists by following the progress of the collaborations from conception to completion, alongside interviews with the artists themselves. Not to mention our panel at this year's Comic Con, the opening at La Luz de Jesus, the Baby Tattoo book launch, and future events designed to gather the artists together to talk about what informs, inspires, and motivates them. And how they've hacked a life that is both sustained and intensified by making art."

The film includes a stunning array of talent, including Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Barron Storey, Bill Sienkiewicz, Coop, Dave McKean, David Mack, Greg Ruth, Jason Shawn Alexander, Jim Mahfood, Junko Mizuno, Kent Williams, Kozyndan, Roman Dirge.

Temple of Art: The Documentary