Weight-loss company sues customer for posting negative review to Better Business Bureau

Roca Labs makes the "Non Surgical Gastric Bypass" (which one expert says is mostly industrial food thickeners) with terms-of-sale that prohibit complaining if you get sick, or don't like the product, or feel like you were ripped off.

The customer they're suing lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; Roca asserts "breach of contract" and "defamation per se," because under the terms of the company's fine-print, any customer complaint is automatically defamatory.

I don't think that's how defamation law works. At all. Even if this woman's comments to the BBB are defamatory (and I'm not saying they are), you can't just have someone sign a contract saying that if they do something, they'll be guilty of defamation.

Either way, all of this should make you wonder just what sort of company Roca Labs is in that it seems to not just sue its own customers for negative reviews, but to work so hard to stop negative reviews and to threaten and intimidate those who make complaints about their experience with the company.

Roca Labs Sues Customer For Posting A Negative Review [Mike Masnick/Techdirt]

(Image: Complaint Department Grenade "Please Take a Number")