How rabies hitches a ride into the central nervous system

In the latest episode of This Week in Science, Dr. Kiki started the show with a rundown of the 2014 Nobel Prize winners in the science categories, and then moved into news about our rising oceans and hot air hanging out in the north Pacific Ocean.

Justin talked genetics and evolution with respect to red foxes and the tapir rhino connection. Then he got brainy with a story about the mechanism that rabies uses to hitch a ride into the central nervous system.

Blair's Animal Corner consisted of some noise-making baby fish, the sticky stuff used by daddy longleg spiders to catch and hold prey, and finches with home decor color sense.

The second half of the show started out with a discussion about research into the science of death and the experiences that surround it. Then we turned to World Robot Domination with a story about robotic ships being built by the US Navy.

Finally, the show rounded out with a bunch of stories about soap in the environment, the amazing expanding cerebellum, genes and coffee, Ebola updates, and why windmills kill bats.