Worst US airlines for baggage loss and mishaps


The latest DoT Air Travel Consumer Report ranks America's airlines by "mishandled" baggage incidents as a fraction of passengers carried — the worst is Envoy Air, the best is Virgin.

These numbers might not seem terribly high, but the U.S. DOT compares the mishandled luggage to the number of all enplaned passengers, not the number of passengers that actually checked baggage. A lot of people fly with only carry-ons, so it's hard to say how high the numbers really are. The airlines that did the best include JetBlue airways, Frontier Airlines, and Virgin America had less than one report per 1,000 passengers.

The U.S. Airlines That Have the Most Luggage Mishaps [Patrick Allan/Lifehacker]

(Icon: Luggage, Rob Faulkner, CC-BY)