DIY casting calls


Casting Call Woe Tumbler

Acting is a crappy business, but the world needs actors, and since we live in a time when digital production and distribution has democratized filmmaking, anyone can be a casting director. Exhibit A is a new tumblr, Casting Call Woes, which has netted a foul-smelling collection of ripe ones from the sea of DIY casting calls.

Favorites include: "Actresses need to be deemed as commercially attractive. If unsure, please apply & we'll review your profile." Then there's: "You need to shave all your body hair & stand naked for 12 hours. No pay." Then this hopeful one: "Prefer an actress who is not thin! Great role for a feminist!"

This site is doing a great service, bringing laughter to a dark corner where there is only pain, insecurity, and, worse, hope. If the vulnerable weren't prey, it just wouldn't be showbusiness.