You're a slice of bread that desperately wants to toast itself


There's a secret desire that lingers in the heart of every loaf of bread: to burn.

In the game I Am Bread, developed by the creators of the popular Surgeon Simulator, you are an individual slice of bread on a journey to toast itself. It's not an easy path to travel; if you've ever played Octodad: Dadliest Catch and felt that it was simply too easy to navigate, this could be the game for you.

You control the bread by latching on to surfaces with any of its four corners, and using your momentum to walk up walls, fling yourself into the air, and even hilariously wield objects likes knives and bottles. Your ultimate goal is to make your way through various rooms to some sort of toasting element, and not make yourself too inedibly gross with obstacles like mold and ants en route. This is really, really difficult sometimes; after all, you're a floppy piece of bread, and it's a miracle that you can move at all.

There's a slightly dark subplot that runs through the game, as the you read updates from a therapist about the owner of the house you're exploring, Mr. Murton. As most people would, he becomes increasingly distressed by the inexplicable havoc in his home, and the single piece of toasted bread that keeps appearing, which he worries might be a "message."

Although the game has been available on via Early Access for a while, it's finally for sale on Steam itself, for $12.99. If you run into trouble, there's a slightly easier Magic Marmalade option, a rampage version where you play as a baguette that loves to break stuff, as well as a bagel race and a zero gravity playground. Are you bready?