Who doesn't miss '90s horror games?


Ah, the tech and the aesthetics of 1990s games. The terrible framerates, indistinct faces and rough edges seem eerie today, perfectly recalling the horror games of a bygone age. If you miss it too, you really need to watch this:

This is the trailer for Takaaki Ichijou's Back in 1995, a horror title set to debut at the Tokyo Indie Fest in early May, according to Rely on Horror's Andrea Shearon:

The creator intentionally summons long nights spent muscling bluntly around the worlds of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Parasite EVE and things like that til your palms were sweating and your heart is pounding. Wasn't that fun? Of course it was. Feel free to share your favorite memories by hitting that DISCUSS button right below.

I mean, your memories might be 'everyone said the bad graphics and player's poor sense of control added to the fear environment but bad design is never intentional so let's stop celebrating an era of junk software' but then I also might permanently delete you, so take care. Good memories. It was fun. So good.

(Thanks to Patrick Klepek for discovering this!)