Dieter Rams wouldn't do it again if he could start over


Interviewed by Fast Co Design, the famed designer talks about his architectural influences, his design philosophy, and how industrial design has changed in the last 50 years.

I always strove for things to be sustainable. By that I mean the development of long-lasting products, products that don't age prematurely, which won't become out of style. Products that will remain neutral, that you can live with longer. …

It is my wish that we really do deal with our surroundings more consciously in the future. That is really my wish, because I believe it contributes to living with one another more peacefully. That's why, if I had something to do in this world again, I would not want to be a designer. Because I believe, in the future, it will be less important to have many things and more important to exercise care about where and how we live.