App for subscribing to a network of clean NYC bathrooms


For $25/month, you can soon have access to a network of guaranteed clean bathrooms in New York City through a new app called Looie. The service launches in July with seven bathrooms at cafes and restaurants in TriBeCa.

My suggestion:

Invite anyone to become a bathroom provider and they could notify the network whether their home toilet is available or not at any given time. From DNAinfo:

When a restaurant or cafe signs on, Al-Qaysi's company takes over the cleaning responsibilities and Looie customers get a special key that gets them access to the restroom.

Looie users don't have to buy anything from the restaurant to use the bathroom, while customers of the eatery continue to have normal access to the restrooms.

What you get in a "Looie" bathroom is a promise of cleanliness, with organic, natural cleaners. The restroom is cleaned seven to 10 times a day — and you'll find little extras like plants, a changing table for babies and natural air fresheners.