Brown fat therapy reverses Type I diabetes in mouse trial

A Vanderbilt University School of Medicine study published in Endocrinology and Metabolism found that mice with Type I diabetes that received brown fat transplants had their diabetes reversed 53% of the time.

Brown fat has shown promising results in a variety of metabolic studies.

In a new study, the team found that brown fat transplant reversed T1D and restored glucose tolerance to normal in non-obese diabetic mice (in 53 percent of the study sample).

They also found that brown fat transplantation before T1D onset could delay or prevent the disease altogether.

Though still in an experimental phase, brown fat transplant could hold promise as a permanent treatment for T1D.

Brown fat transplant reversed type 1 diabetes without insulin in non-obese diabetic mice [Science Daily]

(Image: Insulin pump with infusion set, public domain)