Plant a garden with a cute little ghost


Pol Clarissou's Lil Ghost Garden, made for the virtual pet-themed PetJam, is a pleasant desktop companion. I love the design of his ghost character, a sympathetic looming moonface whose shadow body trundles dutifully around what begins as a sparse garden.

Clicking on the three dots produces a little ghost paw, which you can use to harvest full-grown plants for seeds. This is lonely work at first, plucking the things you grow as soon as they come up, but soon they start producing more seeds per plant, new varieties and mixtures, and your tiny garden begins to flourish along the border of the space. You can even leave the garden alone, letting the plants grow on their own, and letting your little ghost snooze.

You might know Clarissou for other structurally-defiant pieces like his "subway idlescape" Station Fantome, or the starlit "contemplative divination software" Wish Fishing. All his projects are available for free or pay-what-you-want on his digital storefront.