Play it now: Composition in a Minor Key


Composition in a Minor Key, by Aleks Samoylov, isn't just another 'text adventure'—the poetry of its language gets close to you quickly, as you wander the dreamlike night forests, camps and riversides of its small but rich world.

Something I like about this game is that your primary experience involves talking with the vivid characters you meet. Each of them is different, from their cadence to the emotion evoked by meeting them. Perhaps I'm feeling soft today, but I felt sentimental and melancholic speaking to the fortune teller who said my life might have been different if I'd only met that neighbor who loves apricot jam.


It doesn't take a lot of time to experience Composition in a Minor Key, made last year for a jam. but you'll feel its effects long after you finish, still hear the echoes of its unusual sonic backdrop: Footsteps? Water droplets? Time passing… a clock?

Composition in a Minor Key is available for free or suggested donation; you can also become a Patron of Samoylov's work if you enjoy it.