It's not always easy being a trans lady at the queer zine fair


The interactive fiction game Zine Fair Lady asks you to step into the shoes of a trans woman who's headed for an LGBTQ zine fair—a space that, in theory, should be inclusive and welcoming. When you arrive and start walking the aisles of the fair, however, things don't go quite the way you hoped.

You've only got $20 to spend as you wander from table to table, so budget wisely. Will you dare to eat the Anti-Oppressive Bean Burrito Wraps? Will you find any zines made for trans women? Will people misgender you? (Hint: yes) Will you eventually get so fed up that you leave?

Zine Fair Lady was created by Morgan Sea, who "made this for other trans women to vent about the weird shit I put up with at queer events," as the closing notes for the game explain. "The intent of the game isn't to shame organizers or discourage anyone from going to zine fairs specifically. Shit like this can go down in any space. If you're not a trans woman and you think something in this game reflects poorly on you, you should work on that."

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