Interview with female bounty hunter Uyen Vu

Uyen Vu, of Las Vegas, is the only woman in Nevada licensed to track down and capture people who jump bail. A second-degree black belt, she wanted a new challenge after selling her martial arts school. As you can surely imagine, she's had to contend with all sorts.

Vice's Samantha Rea interviewed Vu and asked her about her unusual choice of career.

I had a traffic warrant for a 60-something-year-old lady. She didn't stop at a stop sign, she made an illegal lane change—basic stuff. So we go to this lady's house and I told my partner to cover the back. There's a brick wall at the back of her garden and my partner says, "She's in her 60s and this wall's six feet tall—where's she gonna go?"

So we both go to the front and knock on the door. There's movement in the house—I see the blinds moving. We get into the house but she's run out the back, jumping the six-foot wall. Why would a 63-year-old lady run away from some traffic warrants?

We search the house and upstairs we found a sealed off room where she was growing weed inside. The police confiscated all the weed; she could have avoided that if she didn't hop a wall.

Vu just diversified into bonding, so now gets as many people out of jail as back into it.