Babymetal is coming to Rock Band 4, so let's listen to Babymetal

The Babymetal song "Gimme Chocolate!!" will be available as a bonus track for the soon-to-be-released Rock Band 4 if you preorder the game on Xbox One, which is important because: Babymetal.

If you're not familiar with the delightful Japanese teen girl trio whose unique fusion of heavy metal and J-pop is accompanied by bright, coordinated outfits, dance numbers and cautionary songs about bullying, then today is the day when you get acquainted. The fictional backstory for the band involves a "new style of heavy metal" being invented by a fox deity:

Instead of the sign of the horns, the band uses the hand gesture of the fox (or more accurately the kitsune) to symbolize the band's divine inspiration. When asked about this divinity (the 'Fox God') they replied, "We've actually never met the Fox God, but because of his blessing, we were able to become Babymetal."

Rock Band 4 launches on October 6, but perhaps more importantly has provided me with an excuse for me to post Babymetal videos, and you to watch them. Enjoy, and remember: If you show true courage, they will show true metal.