Get a wistful, mysterious brain-teaser at a ridiculous discount this week

Road Not Taken, the strange, risky but compelling game from Spry Fox (Triple Town, Alphabear), is 80 percent off, and we think you should check it out.

You might best know Spry Fox for games like Triple Town or, more recently, Alphabear, designs so timeless and solid that they firmly wedge themselves into your regular mobile play rotation.

The studio's Road Not Taken is lots riskier and stranger, though, and in a good way. A ruthless winter has descended upon a quaint, fantastical town (the cute and creative art of Meowza in fine form), and the surrounding forests are full of lost children who need to be reunited with their parents.

The forests are also full of wolves, fire spirits, beehives and many kinds of trees, and you'll need to learn how to slide them around so you can solve puzzles, reach the lost kids, and discover other mysteries, like how to make fire (put two dry logs beside each other) or honey (line up three beehives).

It's part adventure, part structural puzzle, with a number of interesting additional components to manage and enjoy: Between forest puzzles you can try to befriend the local villagers or play with your cat at home—even the house you quickly earn is full of mysteries. Road Not Taken is tough to describe (possibly why it's so much less-known relative to Spry Fox's more radio-friendly games), but definitely worth a try. You're very quickly pulled into its atmosphere, which manages to be lonesome and forbidding just as much as it is cozy and sweet, a perfect companion for dark winter nights in.

This week (the week of October 5, which I think is the game's release anniversary?) Road Not Taken is a stunning 80% off on Steam, so if you'd like to try this unusual but deeply-rewarding work, now would be a good time.