Marriott removing desks from its hotel rooms "because Millennials"

Yahoo sport columnist Dan Wetzel checked into a Marriott, something he does a lot, and was bewildered to discover that his room didn't have a desk. When he called down to the reception, he discovered that the whole chain was gradually removing its desks, because some consultants told them that Millennials like to chill on couches with their phones, not sit at desks like square-ass Old People.

The redesign has hit just a few hotels but – a business traveler site – is already apoplectic. Consider their 20-page thread titled: "The Idiots Who Design Marriott Rooms." There's also a list of hotels that lack desks, a don't-stay-there warning to those who stay at hotels the most.

The list includes airport hotels. Who goes to those unless it's for work (or maybe an early vacation flight)? The Newark Airport Marriott got rid of their desk until, according to, complaints were so overwhelming they reversed course.

I've stayed at the Newark Airport Marriott at least a dozen times. It's a perfectly good and functioning hotel but it's a mix of businessmen, airline pilots and people who couldn't figure out how to escape the circular maze of roads in front of the Newark Airport and had their car run out of gas.

Who Stole the Desk from My Hotel Room?
[Dan Wetzel]