Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen wipes out coral reef with his superyacht

The anchor chain of the MV Tatoosh, the 43d largest yacht in the world, destroyed 14,000 square feet worth of reef in the Caymans' West Bay replenishment zone, wiping out more than 80% of the reef.

The 300-foot yacht is owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Allen has disclaimed all responsibility, saying that he anchored his yacht where directed and moved it when divers alerted him to the damage.

It is unlikely that Allen will be asked to make any reparations for the damage he has done.


However, while staff may be assisting and cooperating with the DoE enquiry, a statement released by Allen's communication team shows the billionaire is not taking responsibility and implicated the Port Authority, saying the crew followed officials' instructions on where to place the vessel. Shifting winds reportedly changed the position, pushing the ship toward the reserve but it was relocated to avoid damage.

Any vessel that causes damage to local reefs can be fined. However, despite a number of incidents of reef damage over the last few years by both cruise ships and luxury yachts, the government has failed to collect on sanctions. Carnival Cruise Line made a one-off donation last year after one of its cruise ships damaged a significant area in the George Town Harbour in 2014, but the cruise line was never fined.

Billionaire boater destroys reef
[Cayman News]

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