Punch through windows, cut through seatbelts, and more with the $12.99 StatGear Rescue Knife

Life isn’t all just couch-sitting and TV-watching. Sometimes it’s bananas action packed like those Saturdays when you’re out trekking in the wild and need to slice through vines to even see your path, or speed racing down a mountain into a fiery crash and need to cut your seatbelt loose before the car explodes. Typical weekend warrior stuff, right? OK, so maybe getting a package in the mail is the most thrilling thing on your Saturday list. In that case, you still want this StatGear Rescue Knife, either the Volcano or the Storm, both of which are 35% off right now. They’ll get you out of any pickle you’re in, even if it’s a pretty chill one.

This knife is way more than just a blade and handle, it’s a bona fide rescue tool. It’s super lightweight so you can attach it onto your belt loop with the handy clip or carry it in your pocket or travel pack easily. And it’s made of ultra strong stainless steel that can quite literally cut through anything, including said seat belt in case of emergency. In that same crisis or one in a building - God forbid - it can even punch out a window too. Pretty badass.

You’ll never feel safer and more prepared than with this knife at your fingertips. The blade is spring assisted so it pops right out when you need it, which hopefully won’t be in a dangerous situation, but sure is convenient for opening a box. It’s 35% off right now and it ships to you for free within the continental US. Check out the link below for more details on both the Volcano and Storm versions.

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