This all-in-one charger handles any device — wireless or USB

Looking to de-clutter your kitchen counter? Start with those multiple, tangled charging cables for your multiple, power-hungry devices. There's a workhorse solution for all those power needs, and it's just as just as well suited to travel as home use: The Scout Wireless 5000mAh Charger.

Compact and sleek at nine ounces, it doesn't look like the swiss army knife of chargers. But sure enough, the sides of the Scout hold a Lightning cable, micro-USB, USB-A and USB-C - enough variety of plug-ins to cover not only your iPhone, Android, tablet, and AirPods but also your camera and even compatible drones. What's more, there's a fold-out AC plug in the back. Just plug the Scout into any wall outlet, and it can charge itself while also supplying a pass-through charge for your devices. Take it on the go, and it can also juice up any Qi-enabled gadget wirelessly and quickly. With built-in sensors that protect against overcharging and short-circuits, it's the charger you'll want around no matter where you are, or what tech you're packing.

Right now, the Scout Wireless 5000mAh Charger is $39.99, a full 50% off the MSRP. Read the rest

This password manager maximizes security on every website

Use a single password for every website, and you're compromising your security. Use a different one each time, and you're bound to lose track of them. The solution? RoboForm Everywhere, a catch-all tool that will not only manage the passwords on every site you visit but generate better ones.

As a simple password database, it's comprehensive enough for even the most forgetful online citizen. It saves and protects log-in data from any site with AES 256-bit encryption, and can even encrypt text notes for offline or WiFi passwords, all searchable and easily organized. You can import from all major password managers or a basic CSV, and choose a trusted friend to share your info with in case of emergency. But RoboForm will also generate random passwords and audit them for safety, making sure you've got the most airtight log-ins on every site - all of which can be set to auto-fill with a click.

Right now, a 5-year individual subscription to Roboform Everywhere is 69% off the list price at $29.99. Read the rest

This mini-printer makes memos anywhere with zero ink refills

Just a reminder: Print isn't dead. And now that printers are becoming as portable as cell phones, it might be around for quite some time. Enter the MEMOBIRD Mobile Thermal Printer, a mini-printer that is versatile, portable - and most importantly, never needs a refill on ink or toner.

Measuring just a few inches around, the MEMOBIRD can go anywhere and is compatible with pretty much any device. From your laptop, phone, desktop or tablet you can send reminders, grocery lists, memes for the office wall or keepsake photos - even stickers, with the right paper. It can receive through WiFi or through Bluetooth, making it equally perfect for families on the go or tech-phobic grandparents. And since it prints with heat on thermal paper, there's no need for those messy (and expensive) ink cartridge refills.

Pick up the MEMOBIRD Mobile Thermal Printer for $59.99, a full 25% off the list price of $79.99. Read the rest

Learn MySQL painlessly with this online master class

What do Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google all have in common? Somewhere in their framework, they all use MySQL, that most versatile (and free!) of database management systems. And they're not alone. If your company or the one you'd like to work for wrangles data (and who doesn't?), they're going to need someone with a working knowledge of how to do that effectively. That's where the Complete MySQL Bootcamp comes in.

As taught by motivational coach Joe Parys, this course is perfect for beginners but a valuable resource for anyone who works with MySQL. You'll start with the basic syntax and other foundational concepts, then move quickly to the practical applications of this open-source tool. Before the end of the eight-hour run-through, you'll be building tables and schemes, then move on to design actual PHP web apps and the core structure of a social media website. The more you learn, the more you'll be able to do with MySQL.

The Complete MySQL Bootcamp is currently on sale for $10.99. Read the rest

Find your perfect side hustle with this freelancer's bible

There's a reason you're hearing about the gig economy in every other business story these days. More than ever, people are finding income from more than one source. And if you find the right one, a side hustle can do more than just pad your pockets - it can allow you to finally get paid for doing what you love. Looking to dive in? A great way to start is with The Ultimate Side Hustle Bundle: Amazon FBA & Freelancing.

In this nine-course online learning package, there's a good emphasis on how to launch, market and grow a business selling goods on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) - with good reason. If you can make it, FBA can move it, as long as you lay down the right foundation with solid marketing and SEO savvy. But the bundle also gives a broad overview of how to make sure a freelance career works for you, without it absorbing too much time. And if what you're selling is your own know-how or talent, you can learn how to break into the ranks of the most-watched videos on YouTube.

Lifetime access to the entire Ultimate Side Hustle Bundle: Amazon FBA & Freelancing is available now for $49. Read the rest

Shoot your movie now with this filmmaker's master class

High-def cameras are available to anyone and for much less than they were just a decade ago. Even the phones in our pockets can be used to shoot and edit short films. It's never been easier to be a filmmaker, providing you have the technique. Enter the Film & Cinematography Mastery Bundle, an online boot camp that will take your movie idea from first shot to final cut.

In three separate courses, you'll get insights into every step of the moviemaking process from conception to distribution. An overview tutorial lets you know what missteps to avoid when writing your screenplay, and how to raise funds for the shoot once it's done. Then, you'll dive into the shot-by-shot details with an exhaustive course on cinematography, teaching you how to pick your shots and what equipment you'll need to capture them. Whether it's audio recording, lighting or editing, you'll have a working knowledge of almost every aspect of the process.

Lifetime access to the Film & Cinematography Mastery Bundle is on sale now for $29. Read the rest

Bring your game idea to life and learn to design from home

Breaking into the indie video game market may be easier than you think. It all starts with an idea, and then it's a matter of finding the right development platform to bring it to life. No matter what that platform is, it's a good bet that it's covered in the 2019 Game Dev & Design Mega Mastery Bundle, an online course designed for budding developers.

This bundle covers it all in ten courses and 160 hours of training. You'll get hands-on training in Java and Python by using them to create a reasonable facsimile of the viral hit Flappy Bird. If you see your world in higher-def, you'll want to pore over the sessions on Unity 5 and Blender, and how they can be used to create stunning visuals and smooth first-person shooters. You'll even learn how to use platforms like Mapbox to build the next hit AR app.

It's all included in the 2019 Game Dev & Design Mega Mastery Bundle, now on sale for $39. Read the rest

Master Spanish with this intuitive language learning system

Learning a new language like Spanish doesn't have to be hard. Either you can buy a ticket to a Spanish-speaking country, immerse yourself in the culture and pick it up intuitively - or you can do it from the comfort of the chair you're in right now by logging on to Rocket Spanish.

There are a lot of language learning apps out there, but this is a full online course, designed to get you speaking Spanish confidently at the intermediate level - fast. Rocket Spanish makes full use of tools like voice recognition and interactive flashcards to fine-tune your pronunciation and assist in memorization. But the foundation of the course is rooted in "chunking," or breaking complex topics down into quickly digestible lessons without overwhelming your memory or patience. You'll even get lessons on Spanish culture to help you settle into the language and truly speak like a local.

Right now, you can get Rocket Spanish Language Learning: Level 1 for $59.99, a full 59% off the original price of $149.95. Read the rest

Get Valentine's Day flowers delivered anywhere, half off

When it comes to Valentine's Day gestures, we encourage you to make the date your own. But we've got to admit, you can't beat the classic appeal of a well-picked, perfectly arranged bouquet of roses. And whether you need them delivered at home or to a long-distance lover, the best call is Teleflora's Valentine's Day Special - a $20 for $40 deal.

With Teleflora, you're supporting local florists no matter where you are. Log on to their website and choose from a wide variety of handcrafted bouquets - not just roses but a library of arrangements featuring lilacs, hydrangeas, carnations and more. They'll use quality florists in the US and Canada to create them and deliver them fast to your choice of locations. And even if you're not the one picking them up, they arrive in a vase, ready to swoon over - not some bland package.

Before the big day, it's time to jump on the Teleflora Valentine's Day Special and get $40 of credit for $20, redeemable on their site. Read the rest

Writer's block? These literate apps have got it hacked

Storytelling can be a collaborative process, but here's one partner too few writers collaborate with: Their computer. And we're not just talking about a decent spell checker. Software has evolved to help more than just a writer's grammar, and you might just be surprised at the headaches the Storyteller's Essential Mac Bundle can save at every step of the writing process.

What you've got here is six of the latest apps designed to get stories from the first page to the final draft. Yes, there's a state-of-the-art word processor (Mariner Write) and script formatter (Montage). But you also get Contour 2, a program that helps you understand the elements of a winning story and apply it to your own outline. You can get intuitive help on character creation with Persona, organize your timeline and kill cliches with StoryMill, and hear your characters speak (literally!) with the Narrator dictation app. No matter what your genre or medium, you've got a helping hand in this bundle.

The Storyteller's Essential Mac Bundle is currently on sale for $19.99 - a full 90% off the cost of the individual apps. Read the rest

Get your site to the top of any search with this SEO tool

There's a lot of competition on the internet, no matter what your hustle. The important thing is that when people search for what you've got, they find you - and that means keeping everything from your keywords to your mobile access up to date. To do that, you either need a full-time web guru or SERPstash, a tool that can analyze and maximize any site.

Engines like Google rely on a lot of different factors to determine which pages get to the top of the search heap, and SERPstash lets you boost them all. You'll be able to test your site for speed and compatibility with mobile devices, then get concrete recommendations on how to improve both. Most importantly, you'll learn to use your keywords to your best advantage through analytics that tell you which ones are ranking for your industry, how your competition is using them and where you stack up against them in searches. All in all, you'll get 21 tools designed to get your site noticed and top-ranked in a variety of metrics.

Right now, a lifetime subscription to SERPstash Premium is a full 94% off the MSRP at $29. Read the rest

Tailor your Office skills to fit any workplace with this course

As the technology that drives them evolves, the tasks you can accomplish with Microsoft's suite of Office tools is growing every year. That's great news for the businesses who already rely on that software, but its individual users have that much more to learn. The best way to get up to speed? eLearnOffice Microsoft Office School.

Whether you're just diving into Office or honing your existing skills, eLearnOffice breaks down the functionalities of Microsoft's programs into clearly-presented mini-lessons. There's over 1,200 of them in the school, covering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Access, and Calendar - all the essential platforms. What's more, you'll earn skill points on the Microsoft Skills Score Dashboard as you complete each of these lessons, and that translates into CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification that will show potential bosses you've got the know-how to be part of their team.

There's never been a better time to put on the thinking cap for this one: Lifetime access to the eLearnOffice Microsoft Office School is now available for just $19. Read the rest

Demystify cryptocurrency with this online boot camp

Cryptocurrency: Seemingly overnight, it's gone from a curious sidebar in the world of economics to the driving force behind the fortunes of entrepreneurs the world over. What's even more amazing is how few people understand the blockchain technology that enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, even today. But that paradigm is changing fast, and the quickest way to get on board is with the 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle.

This eight-course bundle covers everything you need to know about the principles that underlie cryptocurrency. You'll get a bird's eye view of the concept of blockchains both from the perspective of the developer and the investor. You'll then take a deeper dive into the platforms used for creating them such as Javascript, EOS, and NEM. By the end of this 30+ hour boot camp, you'll not only know how cryptocurrencies work - you'll be able to create your own.

Right now, lifetime access to the 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle is $19 - a full 97% off the cost of the individual courses.

Read the rest

Internet, meet things: This starter kit is perfect for makers

Spend any time at all around creative-minded techies, and you'll likely hear about Arduino. Whether you're making a simple motion sensor or a fully internet-controlled robot, Arduino is the platform of choice. If you're just diving in, we can't think of a better entry point than the Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit & Course Bundle.

First, and most importantly, the kit gives you an Arduino-compatible Vilros Uno board, along with the manual you need to connect it to whatever mad science you're bound to dream up. You'll get a master class in the possibilities of this open-source platform, too. "Crazy About Arduino" is a triple-tiered workshop that will take you from the broad-strokes concept for your project to the skills needed to set up servers and connect your device to the internet. To supplement that, "Arduino Zero to Hero" shines the spotlight on the components that connect to the platform: Breadboards, resistors, LEDs and more.

You'll get lifetime access to all these resources and info, but that's no reason not to start soon: Right now, the Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit & Course Bundle is on sale at $51.99. Read the rest

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with a deal on this top VPN

Happy Safer Internet Day! Not so much a holiday as a day to look over our shoulder and remember that more than ever, the anonymity and freedom the internet once took for granted is under attack. Whether you're worried about hackers, malware, or just the steadily increasing access big companies have to your online persona, the time has never been better to hop on a virtual private network. And just for the occasion, you might want to take a look at Disconnect VPN.

Don't take our word for it - the service already has kudos from the likes of Tom's Guide and the New York Times for its rock-solid encryption. You can ignore international restrictions thanks to Disconnect's global network of servers, and do it up to 44% faster. It's easy to use, but there's plenty of security at work while you surf, including an embedded malware and tracking blocker that you can use on up to three devices.

A three-year premium subscription to Disconnect VPN is already sale priced at $29, but you can take an additional 15% off that price for Safer Internet Day by using the online code DATAPRIVACY15. Read the rest

Grow boatloads of Instagram followers with these 4 tools

Everybody's on Instagram to be seen, but what separates the average selfies-and-food account from the true influencers? Chances are, it's not random chance. Check out our favorite online tools geared to get you the kind of visibility advertisers dream of, from educational courses to optimizing apps.

PostFly Instagram Automation

If you're looking to get the most out of your Instagram account, do what the big brands do: Enhance it with automation. There no business too small to benefit from a PostFly setup, which can schedule your posts, automatically like your followers' content, and even sniff out new followers for you based on relevance. It's the best way to free up time and still keep your public face personal and accessible. Right now, a lifetime subscription to PostFly Instagram Automation is 96% off at $39.

Instagram Master Class

No matter how artful your posts are, there's a definite science to grabbing an Instagram following. Digital agent Evan Kimbrell helped oversee the social media strategies of Fortune 100 companies, and he shares those secrets in this 22-hour online course. Through targeted hashtags and strategic automation, you'll be able to bump up your numbers to the thousands in no time. Originally priced at $199.99, the Instagram Master Class is currently on sale for $11.99.

Savvant Instagram Optimizer

Don't just throw posts to the wall and hope they stick. With Savvant's complex analytics, you can find out what draws likes, why and from where. Based on its algorithms, the app can choose the best hashtags and keywords for you, and suggest the content that's really going to drive your brand no matter what it is. Read the rest

These are the last workout earbuds you'll ever need

The wheel. The light bulb. Throughout history, the best technology has always been simple and elegant. That's especially true for a good pair of earbuds, which should sound like they're packing an orchestra and feel like they're not even there. Hitting that sweet spot especially hard are the Cresuer Touchwave True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, which deliver maximum sound in a minimal package.

Under the scratch-and-sweat resistant casing, you'll find a lot of bells and whistles: Bluetooth 4.1 capability, CVC Noise Cancellation technology, and carbon nanotube diaphragms that make for a crisp, clear sound. Outwardly, there's a refreshing lack of buttons to fiddle with. Answer calls or switch between songs with a simple, light tap. And thanks to the 3-hour battery life (up to 12 hours with the accompanying charge box), you'd better queue up a lot of songs.

The set comes with 3 different sizes of earbuds to fit any ear, and it's currently on sale for 60% off. Grab your Cresuer Touchwave True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for $39.99. Read the rest

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