Become a master in Google Cloud architecture with this training

Company executives typically know two things about the cloud: They need to be on it, and they need it to work smoothly. Which means that if you know your way around Google Cloud, you're going to have employers that want you to lead them through.

The Complete Google Cloud Mastery Bundle is just the online package for those who want to breathe that rarefied air.

The eight-course bundle gives a broad overview of Google's cloud networking structure for those who haven't worked with it, but it hardly stops there. The goal of this series is to get IT professionals hired as a certified Google Cloud architect. (There's an entire exit class dedicated to the certification exam.) Once you're past the intro courses, you'll learn how to manage data storage, set up DevOps and troubleshoot security issues on one of the fastest-growing platforms out there. There's even a course that teaches AWS users how to transfer that knowledge to the Google Cloud Platform.

Right now, you can get the Complete Google Cloud Mastery Bundle for $39, a full 97% off the cost of the individual courses. Read the rest

Get back to school savings on Chromebooks, mini PC's, & laptops

In the market for a workhorse laptop for the upcoming school year? Refurbished gear is the way to go. Here are some of our favorite deals on like-new laptop rigs and PCs.

Lenovo N22 11.6" Chromebook 16GB Black (Certified Refurbished)

This rig is great for working at home or away, with a 14-hour battery life and 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3050 processor that can handle any task. The rotating 720p HD camera and water-resistant keyboard are especially nice touches for any user. Get this Lenovo N22 11.6" Chromebook 16GB in black for $99.99, 60% off the retail price.

HP Chromebook 11" 16GB Silver (Certified Refurbished)

The Chrome OS makes it easy to navigate on this 2014 model, and the 16 GB eMMC storage is enough for a household worth of data. Pick up the HP Chromebook 11" 16GB Silver for $139.99, down 30% from the original cost.

HP Chromebook 14 14.4” 16GB Black (Certified Refurbished)

The built-in virus protection on this one makes it great for casual users, and the multi-format digital media card makes it easy to share and view videos from anywhere. Pick up your HP Chromebook 14 14.4” 16GB Black for $99.99, a full 66% discount from the MSRP.

Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Chromebook 11.6” 16GB Silver (Certified Refurbished)

This Thinkpad is durable outside and all about speed under the hood. The 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors work hard whether you're crunching data or streaming video on the HD display. Get the Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Chromebook 11.6” 16GB Silver for 73% off at $104.99. Read the rest

Save big on these cloud storage alternatives to Dropbox and iCloud

Cloud storage isn't just for big businesses. If you've got more pictures, videos or work files than your device can handle (and who doesn't?), then the cloud is where it needs to be.

Luckily, there are more options for you than just Dropbox these days. Here's a roundup of some newer services that can help you manage and secure your data - not just find it a home.

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage

ThunderDrive boasts that you can access their service six times faster than Amazon, and they've certainly got the infrastructure to back it up. Their Tier IV data centers can hold your data behind 256-bit encryption, retrievable from any browser on the web or mobile. Lifetime subscriptions include a Personal plan for 500 GB of data ($29) or Pro plan that will get you 2 TB of storage for $59, a full 95% off the MSRP.

Zoolz Cloud Backup For Home

Zoolz uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure to supply 1 TB of cold storage, perfect for large amounts of inactive data. It's a great way to secure entire computers or even networks, and the service uses deduplication, block-level uploads and other methods for faster backup. Single-user plans are available for one year at $19.99 (90% off the list price) or three years at $34.99.

Koofr Cloud Storage Plan

Here's a handy one even if you've got an existing cloud storage account. Koofr lets you connect to Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud storage services and transfer those files freely. Read the rest

Need a new TV? Enter for a chance to win a 65" Samsung 4K smart TV

Your binge-watching options just got a lot more interesting. Get ready to be the first choice venue for movie night, because there's a giveaway right now on a Samsung 65" QLED 4K Smart TV.

Size isn't quite everything for this theater-quality set, though it is impressive. The Q70 series TV is able to upscale even older games and movies to 4K quality, and it's fully compatible with major voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home.

All you need to do is register here, and you'll be eligible to win the TV, free and clear.

Too good to be true? Suit yourself. While you're sipping that half-empty glass, here are a few deals that will allow you to pay actual money for some great video technology, albeit at a heavy discount:

Rveal Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna

Fill in that blind spot in your TV diet with free network channels, thanks to this new school unit that picks up local and national stations the old fashioned way, up to 50 miles from broadcast antennas. The best part: It broadcasts them in HD. The Rveal Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna is on sale for $19.99, more than 30% off the list price.

LG B8 Series 55" OLED 4K HDR TV

This ultra-thin set made Consumer Reports' list of top 4K TVs for 2018, thanks to its α7 intelligent processor and Dolby Atmos sound. It's also controllable with Alexa or Google Home for full smart home integration. The LG B8 Series 55" OLED 4K HDR TV is now $1199.99, down from the previous sale price of $1553.99 and a full 47% off the retail price. Read the rest

8 hardcore flashlights you'll want on your next outdoor trip

If there's one piece of gear that's essential for both outdoor trailblazers and urban homeowners, it's a good flashlight. And since it doesn't take much more dough to go the extra mile, you might as well get a great one. Here are eight super-durable flashlights and versatile lanterns that will make sure you're never in the dark. So much for the boogeyman.

Bell + Howell Taclight Flashlight & Lantern Bundle

The lantern can be folded down to the size of a smartphone, and the flashlight features five distinct modes, including a strobe effect that can stun potential attackers. Both are water-resistant, and together make a kit that's a lifesaver for any camp. Pick up the Bell + Howell Taclight Flashlight & Lantern Bundle for $25.99, a full 67% off the MSRP.

1Tac Professional Grade Tactical Flashlight

This portable unit puts out a big shine: Up to 1200 lumens, or 20% more light than a standard XML T6 LED. And durability? Not only is it waterproofed to an I65 rating, but it'll also still work whether that water is freezing cold or boiling hot. Get this 1Tac Professional Grade Tactical Flashlight for $47.99, a 14% discount off the list price.

1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Kit

Going off the grid or awhile? 1Tac's survival guide includes the TC1200, plus a wall charger, car adaptor, portable rechargeable battery, and emergency holster. Basically, everything you need to keep your path lit no matter where you walk. The 1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Kit is now $79.99, more than 10% off the original price. Read the rest

Protect your dog and learn its lineage with these DNA kits

Everybody thinks they know their dog and it's true that you probably share a unique bond with your pet if they've been a part of the family for any length of time. But even though the way you nurture them is important, there are aspects of nature that you can't control.

That's why serious pet owners have been going the extra mile with a DNA test like the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit.

DNA tests for your dog? It might sound weird if you only know the science from baby-daddy reveals on tabloid talk shows. But these tests can actually help avoid drama with your dog.

With Embark, all you do is take a swab from your dog's cheek and send it in for testing. When your lab results come back, you'll know your dog's exact breed and ancestry from a database of more than 250 breeds. That can tell you a lot about your best friend, from his or her predilections to disease to base personality traits. Embark can even help you discover and connect with your dogs living relatives if they're on the extensive family tree that gets created.

One of the most popular kits out there, the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is now $174.99, a 12% discount off the list price.

You can also go with the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test, which is a more medically-focused version.

Just take the test, and in two weeks after sending your sample away you'll know all the fun stuff: Breed mix, personality traits and the like. Read the rest

Get trained and certified in these Microsoft IT platforms

When big companies need to manage their data, they turn to Microsoft platforms. Want to walk confidently among those server stacks? These training bundles are a great way to learn those platforms quickly and thoroughly. Whether you're looking for an IT job with stability or upward mobility, it's all crucial knowledge.

The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle

Smart system admins use Powershell to automate their daily tasks, and this bundle shows you how to use it to its maximum potential. Pick up the Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle for $19.

Microsoft Programming Certification Training Bundle

This all-in-one course lets you pull back the curtain on Microsoft's .NET framework and Azure cloud computing system, allowing you to program and maintain complex infrastructures for any company. The Microsoft Programming Certification Training Bundle is now $49.

The Complete Microsoft Access Lifetime Bundle

Database management just got a lot easier with this structured walkthrough on Access, from simple templates to advanced macros. Get the Complete Microsoft Access Lifetime Bundle for $19.99 now.

The Ultimate Microsoft Project Bundle: Lifetime Access

With this software, any big project can get streamlined a lot easier. And after completing this 2-course bundle, you can be the project manager who steers things along. Get lifetime access to the Ultimate Microsoft Project Bundle for $19.99.

The MCSA SQL Server Certification Training Bundle

Good server management is crucial to keep any company humming. These two master classes on SQL give you the necessary skills to install, maintain and protect server systems against outside threats and interior snafus. Read the rest

Let these robot vacuums do your cleaning for you

Attention humans: The robots are taking over. The good news is, they're taking over the household chores. Robot vacuums have come a long way in terms of technology in the last decade or two. Not only are they a huge time-saver, but some of them are also downright fun to watch. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite deals on our favorite robo-cleaners.

ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Refurbished)

Not every home is the same, but the DEEBOT 901 has solutions for nearly any floor plan. You can draw cleaning maps and assign jobs from the ECOVACS app on your phone, or just direct the bot to clean by voice command and let its Smart Navi Mapping technology do the rest. Get a refurbished ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for $249.99, half off the retail price.

ECOVACS Deebot Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Canister Vacuum Station

When it comes to tidy floors, it's OK to be a bit of a control freak sometimes. This cleaning duo includes ECOVAC's flagship robot and its smart mapping features for vacuuming wide areas, but the charging station also has a standard canister vacuum for those tight areas that need a personal touch. Pick up the ECOVACS Deebot Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Canister Vacuum Station for $439.99, a full 44% off the list price.

iRobot Roomba 805 Robotic Vacuum (Certified Refurbished)

iRobot has had a long time to perfect their pioneering Roomba units, and it shows in this model. iAdapt Responsive Navigation lets it deftly navigate around or under obstacles and its Dirt Detect technology can actually seek out areas with a high concentration of dirt. Read the rest

Speak new languages intuitively with the help of Babbel

When it comes to language lessons, there's no shortage of virtual teachers out there. But even with all that interactive technology out there, it's tough to make the process of learning a new tongue seem as fun as actually getting out there and speaking it.

There are some standouts, though. There's a reason why Babbel gets praise both from traditional news outlets and the internet intelligentsia: Its methodology is as smooth as its interface, and the sum of those parts is a joy to dive into.

Like a lot of language learning apps, you can plow through one of 14 languages in Babbel at your own pace. But the individual lessons are bite-sized and engaging, making you actually want to pick up that pace. Apart from that, it's all about the details: The audio you'll hear in Babbel is all from native speakers, and feedback from the speech recognition is top-notch. As you progress, you'll notice old words popping up just often enough to make them stick in your long-term memory, and before you know it, you'll be integrating them into a practical, usable conversation.

A lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning is $149, which is half off the list price. You can also get a 2-year subscription for 33% off at $99 or a 1-year subscription for 17% off at $69. Read the rest

Master Adobe's Creative Cloud with these training courses

Looking for a career in design? Then you're going to need InDesign, not to mention Photoshop, Illustrator and the other versatile pieces of software in Adobe's Creative Cloud. These training bundles are a great place to jump in and learn how to use them like a pro - so you can earn like one, too.

The Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle

This expert's guide to Photoshop is geared to fine-tune any artist's understanding of one of Adobe's flagship tools. You'll get tips on how to create composite images, customize filters and take any photo from the shoot to a fully edited masterpiece - all from recognized Adobe masters working in the field. Not only will you learn to do a ton of new things you didn't even think were possible in Photoshop, but you'll also learn the shortcuts that will let you do them faster. Pick up the full Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle for $19.

The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle

Whether you're just starting out in design or need an overall refresher, this bundle is your walk through all the components of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Each of these seven courses is a beginner-to-advanced boot camp in a different platform: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Animation. When you're done, you'll be able to not only use each of them independently but see how they can enhance each other. Grab the Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle for $29.

The Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Training Bundle

Lightroom makes photo editing easy for anyone, but this master class will dive deep into its professional possibilities. Read the rest

Save up to 60% on this collection of innovative drones

It's kind of a wild west age for drones these days. Most anybody can fly one (at least recreationally), and the technology that powers them is getting more impressive every day. Here are six of our current favorite drones, flyers that show how fun and innovative (not to mention affordable) these gadgets can be.

Ryze Tech Tello Quadcopter Powered by DJI

With rock-steady image stabilization on its 720p HD camera and a takeoff procedure that's literally as easy as a flick of the wrist, this is a great starter drone that can be tricked out via Scratch coding as your skills progress. Just download the Trello app and control it by smartphone, aerial flips and all. The Ryze Tech Tello Quadcopter is now on sale for $99.

Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly 'n Drive Drone

Kids will instantly take to this one. Not only does the modular setup teach STEM skills in the building process, but the durable ABS plastic also allows it to stand up to drops and collisions that would ground other drones. Pick up the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Fly 'n Drive Drone for $39.99, down 20% from the list price.

Bionic Bird: The Furtive Drone

Who says drones need to look like a robot? This biomimetic gadget looks and flies like a bird, flapping its wings on takeoff and gliding along gracefully once it's up to altitude. You can even perch it on a portable "egg" charger and juice it up in 12 minutes. Read the rest

Looking to jump into an IT career? Learn faster online.

The field of internet technology is wide open, for those who know their way around it. And with the infrastructure that drives it changing every day, the best way to learn is to dive right in - with a credible guide, of course. Here are 8 online courses in IT, networking and security that will give you the latest know-how and get you armed for the job market fast.

The A to Z Cyber Security & IT Certification Training Bundle

This course pack teaches you to defend systems of any size from any angle, with dedicated classes on cloud security, GSEC certification, SQL injection and more. The complete A to Z Cyber Security & IT Certification Training Bundle is now $39.

The Ultimate Cisco Networking Expert Certification Training Bundle

Big networks use Cisco, and they invariably need a lot of nimble minds to manage it. These nine courses cover everything you need to launch and maintain a Cisco network: CCNP routing, IPv4 and MPLS protocols, the works. Get the Ultimate Cisco Networking Expert Certification Training Bundle now for $31.

The Complete IT Project Management Certification Bundle

If you've got the foundation of IT knowledge but not the certification, this bundle will bridge the gap. You'll get courses that not only teach you to ace most CompTIA and Microsoft exams but give you a firm foundation in project management methodologies like PRINCE2 that will allow you to move up the ranks. Pick up the Complete IT Project Management Certification Bundle for $29. Read the rest

These Japanese precision knives are on sale for almost 90% off

Hey, we get it. Not everybody's a master chef - or even a chef. And when all you see on the recipe is prep time, cooking even the simplest meals can seem like a hassle.

But trust us, the simple act of dicing up some fresh veggies can make you feel in control of your kitchen again - if you're using the right tools. And once you get hold of this Damasukasu 3-Piece Japanese AKUMA Master Chef Blade Set, you'll see they are not just for looks.

The nitrogen cooling used in the forging process not only gives them a stylish sheen but toughens them to a minimum of 62 on the Rockwell hardness scale. They're also stain-, rust- and corrosion-resistant, with a full tang triple-riveted in the handle. To boil down all that jargon: These knives will be around for a while. And if cutting with them wasn't meditative enough, the 3-piece set includes a whetstone so you can keep that 12-degree edge honed.

Pick up the Damasukasu 3-Piece Japanese AKUMA Master Chef Blade Set & Whetstone for $79.99 today. Read the rest

Need security as well as speed? Here's our guide to picking the right VPN

Virtual Private Networks can make the internet a much safer place, but that's not all. They can offer freedom from local content restrictions, anonymity and even protection from popup ads - and a really good one will do all that while still keeping you surfing at top speed. Before you go browsing the web, browse these five unique VPNs, the better to decide which one is right for you.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Highly trusted by sources like PC Mag and Laptop Review Pro, KeepSolid gets high marks when it comes to ease of use. You can choose from a number of protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN, and use the Favorite Servers feature to bookmark your favorites from among more than 70 worldwide. Get a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for $39.99.


One of the big names in VPN service, and it's still around for a reason. Its more than 3,500 worldwide servers provide unmatched accessibility and the double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption is a welcome extra layer of protection. You can get a 3-year subscription to NordVPN for $107.55.

Disconnect VPN

If trackers and malware are a particular nuisance, the encryption and sophisticated blockers on this highly-rated service prompted The New York Times to call it their "anti-tracking tool of choice." Pick up a three-year premium subscription to Disconnect VPN for $29.


True to its name, FastestVPN has roster of more than 200 P2P-optimized servers outfitted with military-grade encryption. With 99.9% uptime, you'll barely notice you're using it, apart from the absence of ads. Read the rest

Rosetta Stone is still the fastest way to learn a new language

Every language has its quirks. The gendered pronouns in French and Spanish can raise an eyebrow for some, and the verb placement in Japanese can confound English speakers. But when learning any new language, the brain pretty much works the same way: It needs total immersion. Rosetta Stone understands that better than anyone, and that's why they're still the go-to language software after 27 years in the business.

Their secret? In a way, there really isn't one. If you want to really make a new language stick, there aren't any shortcuts - so Rosetta Stone doesn't take any. What it does do is move easily from those fundamental first few words to key phrases with a presentation that makes you want to learn.

That presentation is primarily visual, with very few cues in your native language apart from the menus. You'll start by pairing some words of your chosen language to pictures of them that appear on the screen. As you move through the lessons, Rosetta Stone is great at using context to guide you into similar words, then joining those words into sentences. Before you know it, you'll have the key components to a conversation down pat.

Along the way, you'll get steered in the right direction by Rosetta Stone's TruAccent™ speech recognition tech, which not only corrects you on basic pronunciation but can compare your accent to that of a native speaker. And the newer online version of Rosetta Stone makes full use of its vast user base: You can enhance your language chops by playing games against other learners or get tutoring help if you want to go the extra mile. Read the rest

These earbuds were designed to help you get a better night sleep

If you suffer from sleep disorders, there are a number of methods out there to mitigate them: Ambient noisemakers, relaxation tapes, sleep masks, you name it. One thing that doesn't get tried is headphones, for good reason. Even the smallest earbuds are liable to wake you up if you roll over the wrong way.

Now there's a pair specifically designed to address that problem: Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones.

The first thing to know is that these earbuds are incredibly light and pillow-soft, with a flat design that enables you to wear them comfortably - even while sleeping on your side. All the while, the adjustable ear hooks keep them firmly in place. Whether you're listening to soft music, whalesong or just white noise to block out your partner's snoring, the 23 mm drivers and CSR Bluetooth chip will provide clear, crisp sound. And with a 13-hour life on the battery, you won't need to worry about your soundtrack cutting out in the middle of a dream.

Pick up a pair of Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones for $99.99, a full 33% off the list price. Read the rest

Save up to 84% on Chromebooks, iPads, gaming chairs, & more

Looking to upgrade that old laptop or tablet? Holiday sales may be way on the horizon, but there's an even better way to get like-new tech for a steal. Here are 10 of our favorite deals on personal computers and gaming gear - refurbished, renewed or brand new.

Acer Touchscreen 11' Chromebook 16GB (Certified Refurbished)

This workhorse laptop sports 4 GB of RAM on top of its 16 GB of flash memory. And it's A-rated for a refurbished model, which means near mint status - a perfect machine for gaming or working from home. Right now, the Acer Touchscreen 11' Chromebook 16GB is $249, a full 37% off the MSRP.

Apple 27' iMac Computer with Apple Wired Keyboard & Wired Mouse (Certified Refurbished)

Another refurbished model with an A rating, this is ideal for a shared family workstation. The 2.9GHz Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge Processor can handle all the apps you throw at it, and the 1 TB hard drive has room to spare for a family's worth of photos and video. Take home the Apple 27' iMac Computer with Apple Wired Keyboard & Wired Mouse for $899, down 10% from the list price.

Apple iPad Mini 4 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Space Gray (Certified Refurbished)

Whether you need to watch a quick movie or make your own, the Dual-Core A8 chip on this device has you covered. Grab the Apple iPad Mini 4 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Space Gray for $399, half off the original price. Read the rest

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