Unleash your mobile app development skills with this world-class training

Everyone's got their nose in a phone these days, and that doesn't seem like it's going to change anytime soon. With the increase in mobile device and e-commerce reliance comes increased need for developers who can build the apps we're all so glued to. In fact, employment of devs is expected to grow up to 13% by 2028, quite a bit faster than other occupations. Milk that for all its worth by snapping up the 2020 Mobile App Developers Bundle and teaching yourself these in-demand technologies.

With over 20 hours of beginner-friendly training, this bundle will teach you the skills you need to help market yourself for a $70K-ish salary, thanks to 7 courses presented by world-class e-learning platform Zenva Academy.

Across 265 lessons, you'll use simple text color selecting and input/output apps plus more complex weather forecasting, pet activity, and contacts apps projects as hands-on teaching tools. You'll learn how to build apps for both Android and iOS using Swift & Apple's integrated development environment XCode, Android Studio, XML, Kotlin, SQL database integration, RESTful APIs, Flutter open-source framework, Java, and Firebase (Google's cloud-based platform that allows you to build mobile applications without needing to write the back-end code).

The 2020 Mobile App Developers Bundle is available now for only $29.99, 91% off MSRP. Read the rest

Slice and dice like a professional chef with this stunning knife set

Whether you love cooking at home or you swore this was going to be the year you curbed your DoorDash addiction, you know you can't get the job done well without the proper tools on hand. For all your recipe and meal prep needs, this 3-piece Sukasu Osami Chef's Knife set will do you right and look pretty sweet in your Insta stories to boot.

Forged from ultra-durable 3CR13 stainless steel with a cool-as-heck wavy pattern etched into the blades and set in gorgeous pakka wood handles, the 8" chef's knife, 5" utility knife, and 3.5" paring knife will have you slicing, dicing, chopping, peeling, cubing, and julienning even the toughest fruits, veggies, and meats.

This cutlery set is built to last with better-grip 18/0 bolster handles and blades from 2 to 2.5mm thick. Plus, it comes in a sleek storage box, making it great for gifting to that friend who just got his first roommate-free apartment.

Iron Chef your way through your next meal! The Sukasu Osami 3-Pc Chef's Knife Set is available for 60% off at $39.99. Read the rest

The Food Guard kicks plastic wrap to the curb and solves your missing lid problem forever

It may not rank up there with climate change or personal debt, but confess...isn’t it the worst when you’re trying to put a food container in the fridge, but can’t find the right lid to fit?

Hey, not everything has to be a global crisis to be irritating to the core. But still...it’s even more annoying when you start thinking of how easy it should be to fix this all-container, no-lid conundrum.

Apparently, modern science is tackling the big problems first because now, The Food Guard ($16.99 for a 5-piece set, 15 percent off) has arrived to solve this vexing kitchen dilemma.

The Food Guard is the one-size-fits-all fix. While it looks like a typical food wrap, it’s actually a stretchable, stackable, washable, reusable, environmentally friendly, money-saving alternative that’s so simple that it’s surprising someone hadn’t created it before.

Made from a silicon material, a 7 ½-inch Food Guard can stretch up to 3 times its normal size and clings to any container, plate, bowl, dishpan, or other storage items. The airtight seal keeps your food fresher and locks in flavor -- and when you’re done, the Guard snaps back into shape, never losing its strength or durability.

If you want to use it in the oven or microwave, no problem. It’s capable of withstanding temperatures up to 446 degrees.

With the Food Guard, you can stop sweeping the backs of your cupboards for stray lids and stop using all those plastic wraps that end up in a landfill.

Right now, you can get $3 off this five-pack including a blue, red, green, yellow and clear Food Guard for just $16.99 Read the rest

The AXIS Gear turns your regular window shades into smart coverings

Assembling a truly autonomous smart home is getting closer and closer to reality every day. But for every new smart bulb, thermostat, home security system and appliance we set loose within our walls, there are still probably a half dozen “dumb” items we’d still love to replace.

But whether they’re too costly or too big a hassle to swap out, there are also new alternatives for making dumb items smart. The AXIS Gear is one of those new smart accessories, turning old-school blinds and shutters into window coverings that do what you want when you want it.

Indiegogo backers got the Gear off the ground, a smart device that allows you to control your existing window shades from your phone. After a quick 5-minute installation, your blinds are suddenly motorized.

Compatible with any window shade that has a beaded chain, the AXIS Gear syncs with the free smartphone app so you can raise or lower your blinds at the touch of your phone. With Gear, you can also set custom schedules to raise or lower your shades so you can always make sure they’re closed each night, then open in the morning, then closed again during the heat of the afternoon.

Right now, you can save $25 off the purchase of the AXIS Gear, only $224.99 with this offer. Read the rest

These earbuds created by Beats by Dre engineers are just as awesome and cost a whole lot less

With so many manufacturers out there these days, it’s tough to know who to trust in the ultra-competitive wireless earbuds market. If you’ve never heard of LinearFlux, you may soon. That’s because it’s a company with a stellar pedigree whose co-founders were two of the engineers behind the original success of two audio houses you likely have heard of: Beats by Dr. Dre; and Monster Products.

They struck out on their own to start LinearFlux and created the HyperSonic Lite True wireless earphones. These ultra-powerful, yet ergonomically comfortable earbuds are on sale now for $59.99, 25 percent off their regular price.

As you’d expect from seasoned engineers, sound quality is job no. 1 with the Hypersonic Lites. Sporting Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, these headphones offer extended range without the dropouts you find in competing models. Meanwhile, these buds also feature LinearFlux’s exclusive DL02 Immersive Sound Engine, which connects the unit wirelessly to all the popular streaming music services. All you’ve got to do is turn on and tune in to listen to your favorite Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora channels.

Of course, great sound always starts with a proper fit. The HyperSonic Lites’ lightweight design is reinforced to withstand sweat and water, and crafted with soft ear tips to allow comfortable listening for up to eight hours on a single charge.

The HyperSonic Lite earphones are currently $20 off retail, down to just $59.99. Read the rest

The Ratio Six is a single-button coffee maker that produces barista-level brew

Two-thirds of American adults drink coffee every day. On average, they’re each drinking about three cups per day, which works out to nearly 400 million cups downed each and every day.

We don’t have stats on what percentage of those cups are God awfully bad, but you have to assume with so many ways to screw it up, lots of Americans are draining bad brews just to get through the day.

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker is a home brewing system funded by a Kickstarter campaign that wants to bring a world-class cup of joe with each and every pour.

Consistency and convenience without compromise are the Ratio Six rallying cry. Just add your water and grounds, then push the button. That’s it. The meticulously handmade unit kicks into action, simulating the pour-over technique of a skilled barista. Hot water is slowly dispersed over the bloom with sharp precision, offering more evenly extracted grounds and an excellent cup of coffee.

Brewing up to 40 ounces at a time, the Ratio Six looks as good as it brews, cutting a sleek stainless steel profile that helps it fit in on any countertop. The Ratio folks are also backing their quality machine with a 5-year warranty, so you know that it’s built to last.

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker is just now rolling out to Kickstarter buyers, but you can still get one now at $35 off the regular price, just $310.99. Boing Boing readers can save an additional 10% when using code RATIO10 at checkout. Read the rest

This training can help make 2020 the year you get working as a professional copywriter

For those with a writing flair, the thought of building a career as a professional copywriter should probably have some appeal. Thankfully, it’s also an in-demand job skill with the average copywriter making a healthy $60,000 a year for their efforts.

But even if you have a way with words, you still need the industry training and background to get hired or even to start up your own thing as a freelance copy pro.

Either way you choose, the training found in The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle ($38.99, over 90 percent off) can help you get there, even if you’ve got no previous experience with how the whole business works.

The package features 11 courses that can take the first-time copywriting student and begin building up your skills and knowledge to take on the pros.

It all begins with The Business Writing Course, where 30-year content writer Alan Sharpe shows students the basics of the copywriting game. That training expands into greater depth with the 3-part Copywriting for Beginners courses, as students learn the seven vital questions surrounding any copywriting project, how to use headlines and openers to great effect, and the right buttons to push to persuade all manner of audiences to join your cause.

In addition to training in crafting persuasive and profitable digital sales pages, there are also deep examinations on the 10 most common mistakes made by new copywriters as well as the biggest takeaways that still resonate today from one the “best ad campaign of all time,” the powerful 1960s and 1970s Volkswagen newspaper ads. Read the rest

This 10-foot cloth Lightning cable won’t break like those fragile Apple cables and is only $15

While we all love our iPhones and iPads, celebrating the releases of their latest and greatest versions, it’s amusing to consider how much we at the same time HATE the main item that keeps these little tech marvels powered up and working.

No, Lightning cables don’t exactly inspire feelings of awe and wonder. It’s more like...anger and frustration. That’s because we all know that in a matter of weeks, and in many cases, just days, that freaking cable will get kinked, peeled, or frayed to the point of uselessness.

Apple-approved cables are as fragile as eggs and like everything from Cupertino, not exactly cheap. Instead, try out this 10-ft cloth MFi-Certified Lightning cable now at over 60 percent off its regular price, only $14.99.

Crafted from flexible, tangle-resistant cloth fiber, this cable is sturdy enough to survive real-world use while still delivering reliable power to your thirsty devices.

These MFi-certified connectors can handle all the syncing and charging tasks you need to be handled. And thanks to its generous 10-foot reach, you’ll likely always have that extra little bit of cord needed to stay connected to your USB port or outlet even when it’s across the room.

Regularly priced at $39.99, this $25 discount might make this a good time to stock up on a couple for all your various charging locations. Read the rest

Forevernote puts your life stories in print forever and it may be the greatest family gift you can give

Every family is chock full of stories. Stories of history, stories of memory, stories of accomplishment and stories of love. From a grandparent’s tales of life decades ago to a couple’s first meeting to amazing life experiences and moments that you wish could be preserved for future generations.

Unfortunately, we all don’t have the literary talents of a Maya Angelou or a Doris Kearns Goodwin or other great biographers to truly do those stories justice in print. That’s ok...because now, Forevernote has created a cool, affordable new way of immortalizing those key memories in quality keepsake books.

Essentially, Forevernote gives you your own biographer. Sign up yourself or a loved one for the service and whether you’re looking to share a few short snippets of advice or a full detailed account of someone’s life, a trained biographer will help you shape your narrative and get you ready for a one-on-one interview.

During the interview, the expert biographer will ask just the right questions, talking the subject through those key life moments to help capture all the memorable details from your stories.

After the interview, the Forevernote team transcribes audio into text, which you can personally edit yourself or you can enlist Forevernote’s professional editing services. You can even add in photos as the design team crafts your custom keepsake hardcover book.

You’ll get a PDF of your finished book for review, an audio recording of your interview and within a few weeks, your 30 to 40-page hardcover book will arrive. Read the rest

Bring art to your bedside with this 3-in-1 wireless charging Bluetooth speaker LED lamp

Minimalism isn't just trendy, it's also wise. Clearing clutter and keeping things simple in your home is great for both your mind and for the earth. Bring that movement to your bedside when you replace just about everything on and around your nightstand with the Tree of Light: Wireless Charger + Bluetooth Speaker + LED Lamp.

This 3-in-1 essential home accessory that doubles as a work of art will help you bypass switches, tangled cords, power strips, and the random mishmash of items you need to keep nearby at night. The LED lamp features a sleek cherry wood shade, striking tree sculpture, sleep timer, and adjustable brightness via touch control right on the base.

Also on the base? A Qi-enabled wireless charging pad to keep your phone powered up and ready to go in the morning. Plus that's where you'll find the touch controls for track selection and audio volume of the built-in Bluetooth neodymium speaker. Pair your device and listen to your favorite playlist, podcast, or meditation to help you fall asleep or get ready for the day ahead.

Bring an eclectic mix of form and function to your bedroom for 13% off MSRP when you buy the Tree of Light Wireless Charger + Bluetooth Speaker + LED Lamp for $129.99. Read the rest

Master the second best-paid programming language in the U.S. with this beginner-friendly training

The biggest companies in the world rely on Python to power their technology and services, and more brands of all sizes are jumping on board. As the second best-paid programming language in the country, Python offers developers the chance to make an average of $120K a year. Take your career, and your salary, to the next level with this 12-course Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle.

If making bank like that sounds awesome, but you're not exactly a master coder, don't fret. With courses designed for students new to the language, you'll be just fine. Python is actually a great option for beginners because it's got simplicity and flexibility built into its makeup—it's easy to get started and jump right into building something, for that much-needed confidence bounce.

Throughout the 1,061 lessons, you'll understand how Python works and what it's good for while getting developing real-life applications. For example, you'll learn how to use Python for data science or data analytics, including NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib; clustering analysis and algorithms; implementing basic image processing and computer vision tasks using Jupyter Notebooks; how to solve 100 different Python assignments; and more.

This bundle includes a full 3-hour Keras (Google's powerful Deep Learning framework) Neural Network & Deep Learning Boot Camp. By gaining proficiency in Keras (and PyTorch and Tensorflow, which are also taught here) you can give your company a competitive edge (hello, positive performance review!). Ready for something more challenging? Learn to build advanced data visualization web apps using the Python Bokeh library, too. Read the rest

From smart bags to spinners, here are 10 great luggage ideas for your next trip all on sale

You’d be surprised anyone would have to say this, but...there are plenty of items that don’t belong in a suitcase. Like a bag of dead birds. No, really...people are actually packing bags of small dead birds into their luggage these days.

Look, we can’t tell you how to pack. That’s your business.  But we can recommend this — if you’re carrying animal remains on international flights, we suggest you get new luggage afterward. That’s pretty self-explanatory, right?

No matter what you’re lugging around, we pulled together 10 great luggage and luggage set options for those looking to add to or replace their current bags. Right now, throw in the code PRESIDENT15 during checkout and they’ll also take an extra 15 percent off your total.

Solo bags

Unless you’re a Kardashian, most of us can get by with just one roomy, sturdy bag for most short travel. But if you’re moving quickly through crowded air terminals or train stations, a solid spinner bag can be a lifesaver. Genius Pack has deals right now on a pair of great spinners.

The Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner (135.15 after discount, originally $298) is sized exactly to fit most airlines’ carry on size, sports 360-degree durable wheels, and, at just over 6 pounds, is incredibly light for such a sturdy bag.

Meanwhile, if a carry-on isn’t enough, the Genius Pack 30" Spinner Upright Suitcase ($169.99 after discount, originally $398) will let you maximize your space with the same high-quality spinner wheels,  Laundry Compression Technology to keep dirty clothes compact and separate and even an extra 2 inches of expandable room for cramming that last bulky coat in at the last second. Read the rest

Save an additional 15% on these industry-leading VPNs in honor of President's Day

Presidents’ Day and VPNs may not be a natural fit at first glance. But think about it for a minute. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were both American presidents whose legacies are forever tied with liberty and freedom. And what is a VPN service if not absolute web liberty and freedom for all your digital travels?

Therefore, this rundown of 10 great VPN offers happening right now is a perfect President’s Day tie-in. And just to sweeten the pot, add the code PRESIDENT15 at checkout and you’ll get an extra 15 percent off your total. We’re sure George and Abe would approve.

Hola VPN Plus: Lifetime Subscription - $33.15 after discount; Originally $717

Hola VPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the world, with over 200 million users in over 190 countries worldwide. Right now, it’s at a rock-bottom $33.15 for complete web anonymity for life.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription - $33.15 after discount; Originally $499.99

With no speed or bandwidth limits, KeepSolid is one of the top-rated VPN services anywhere. It’s trusted globally — and at $33.15, you’ll seldom find a better collision of pedigree and massive savings.

Ivacy Lifetime Subscription (10 Devices) - $50.99 after discount; Originally $2,338

Connect up to 10 devices at once with full bandwidth, complete malware protection, over 1,000 servers to choose from, and military-grade encryption. And at almost 98 percent off, it’s the biggest price cut target on this list.

NordVPN: 2-Yr Subscription - $81.59 after discount; Originally $286.80 Read the rest

Get incredible savings on these factory recertified Microsoft Surface Books and Tablets

You hear the stories all the time. You know the ones about how a new vehicle instantly loses hundreds, even thousands of dollars in value the second a new owner drives it off the lot. Depreciation is a killer, especially when the item itself works just as well — or maybe even better than all their younger siblings still nestled snugly in their unopened boxes.

That’s why the word to combat depreciation is refurbished. Right now, Microsoft is not only selling off loads of high-end refurbished Surface Book and Surface Pro models as part of their Presidents’ Day Sale, but they’re also doing it at hundreds, even thousands off their original price.

Take that, evil depreciators!

Surface Books everywhere!

Surface Books do it all, shifting effortlessly from their reliable laptop configuration right into tablet mode when you detach it from the dock. Of course, either way, it’s still got the goods under the hood to compete with any of the most powerful laptops out there.

For the power user, the Microsoft Surface 2 ($1,509, originally $2,499.99) definitely has your back. Called the “sleek, strong, and silent” sequel to the original Surface, this thing has the specs heavy tech-heads need like a crazy-fast Intel Core i7 processor clocking 2.9GHz and 16MB of RAM to keep multiple apps running smoothly simultaneously.

Rocking that same Intel processor, Microsoft is also cutting big deals on a Surface Book with 8MB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive ($1,109, originally $2499.99) as well as another Surface Book with an earlier generation i7 ($879, originally $2,799.99) Read the rest

Get a head start on spring cleaning with these innovative tools from Elicto

Spring cleaning time is right around the corner, and, if we're being honest, the whole thing is kind of a drag. But keeping your home clean in any season is necessary for both health and happiness, so why not make it a little less daunting? The correct tools help make any work easier, and that's what these Elicto products and small appliances will do. Plus, they're on sale for Presidents' Day, so there's no better time to stock your cleaning arsenal.

Elicto SS-130 Super Sweeper 

Requiring zero electricity and only a little bit of elbow grease, this multipurpose tool cleans all types of surfaces around your home, including rugs, upholstery, floors, showers, windows, and more. So much better than a broom, this pro-grade sweeper with extension handle revolutionizes your cleaning routine with its 6 blades that capture debris large and small, liquid spills, even broken eggs.

The Super Sweeper is on sale for $24, but you can get it for an extra 15% off when you use the coupon PRESIDENT15 at checkout, lowering the final price to just $20.40!

Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber

Grime doesn't stand a chance with this electric scrubber at your disposal. It comes with 5 different rotating heads to help you clean the toughest messes inside and outside your home. On full charge, you'll get up to 2 hours from this cordless powerhouse, so you can handle the grossest of the gross from afar (as far as the telescoping handle anyway).

The Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber is on sale for $119, but you can get it for an extra 15% off when you use the coupon PRESIDENT15 at checkout, lowering the final price to just $101.15! Read the rest

The right knife can change your entire kitchen and we've rounded up 20 amazing options on sale

Quality knives matter -- and in more ways than you might expect.

At the most basic level, having a functioning set of proper kitchen knives means you can actually get in a kitchen, start putting together a meal and have the right tools to handle all tasks. From the blunt force of the clever to the skilled precision of the paring knife, you're ready.

But do you know what else a well-stocked knife block in your kitchen says to visitors? It says an adult uses this kitchen. Butter knives and pizza cutters will only get you so far in life, gents. At some point, a lack of quality knives on display in your kitchen might as well scream that your culinary skills haven't advanced beyond reheating fish sticks in your illegal dorm toaster oven.

That’s a bad look. To save you from yourself, we’ve assembled 20 (yes, 20!) deals on worthy knives and knife sets. And since these deals coincide with the Presidents’ Day holiday, enter the coupon code PRESIDENT15 at checkout and take another 15% off each of these offers.

All we’re saying is...invest in yourself.

Chef’s Knives

If you purchase nothing else, at least lock up the services of a quality chef’s knife. It’s the most important tool in any chef’s arsenal and can sub in to handle almost any kitchen task like a champ. Another consideration is going with Damascus steel blades over standard stainless steel. Damascus steel, which is actually an iron and steel alloy, producing brilliantly intricate, eye-catching blade patterns. Read the rest

5 massage therapy guns that won't break the bank like Theragun

You kill it at the gym all week, your nutrition is dialed in, and you're drinking so much water that your spare time is spent walking back and forth to the bathroom (way to get those steps in!)—so how do you take things to the next level? By focusing on recovery.

A proper post-workout routine, which includes deep-tissue massage, will help your muscles recover faster and more efficiently, leading to less DOMS and less time before you're ready for more box jumps. Since seeing a masseuse every day isn't an option, you need a massage gun, but some of them cost almost as much as those daily massages. Some — but not these. Here are 5 options that cover a range of budgets and are still way cheaper than a Theragun. Plus, right now you can use code PRESIDENT15 for an extra 15% off.

Evertone™ Prosage Deep Tissue Massager

This budget-friendly, 3-intensity-level model from Evertone is cordless and will give you up to 2 hours of professional-grade deep-tissue trigger-point massage per charge to ensure you don't lose power mid-session. It will help you reduce joint pain, increase circulation, and break up knots to regain mobility and improve recovery.

The Evertone Prosage Deep Tissue Massager is on sale for $96.99, but you'll get an extra 15% off when you use the coupon PRESIDENT15 at checkout, lowering the cost to $82.44!

Evertone™ Prosage Thermo: Percussion Massager with Warm-Up Technology

The Kickstarter-funded Thermo model of the Evertone Prosage takes things to the next level with its warming technology to ensure muscles are primed for treatment. Read the rest

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