Three Bootcamps to Kickstart Your Coding Career

Everyone codes. That's just the way the world works these days, and it's certainly the way the job market works. It's an essential job skill that everyone who doesn't already know should try to wrap their heads around. Here are three boot camps that will get you off your butt and into gear with the must-know programming languages. Say hello to a whole new career.

Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp


The Frontend JavaScript Coding Bootcamp offers seven courses across thirty two hours of content that you can access anywhere, anytime for 94% off right now. You'll learn to build web apps using ReactJS, D3JS and EmberJS while mastering routes, templates and data models. Java is the backbone of beautiful web experiences and you'll add these scalable web apps to your resume.

Python Programming Bootcamp


What runs those little web sites Google and YouTube? With this Python programming bootcamp that's now 96% off you'll get over fifty hours of training in this incredible coding language. The hands-on lessons will have you building web apps like a subnet calculator, complex network devices, and mastering user scripts and API's. With this interactive intro to machine learning you'll go from zero to hero in this crucial code.

Interactive Coding Bootcamp


If you're new to coding, this Interactive Coding Bootcamp will get you up on your feet and building products you can add to your portfolio. For 92% off you'll get over thirty hours of content covering HTML, CSS, jQuery and others to teach you the fundamentals of computer languages and algorithms. After these lessons you'll grasp both front and back end applications and actually build apps to call your own and show potential employers.

All of these courses will rocket you to a raise or whole new career. Get started today learning these languages at your own pace to start speaking like a code pro.