Generative, collaging architecture system designs impossible, Inception-like cities

London's Daniel Brown created a generative design system that designs beautiful, brutalist cityscapes that are part Blade Runner Hong Kong, part Inception; he then manually sorts through the results, picks the best, and publishes them in a series called "Travelling by Numbers."

Brown, a visual artist, began working with generative software after he lost the use of his hands in an accident in 2003.

Brown begins by plugging random numbers into the program, which uses fractal mathematics to create unique shapes that resemble a 3-D graph. He spends several hours "exploring" the terrain until he finds an interesting form. Brown isolates the shape, and tweaks it until he arrives at something he likes. Then the program applies bits and pieces of public domain photos of 1970s apartment buildings. The result is hulking, maze-like structures that appear to go on forever.

Daniel Brown's [Daniel Brown]

Dantilon: The Brutal Deluxe
[Daniel Brown/Flickr]

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