History podcasters occasionally mention women, butthurt dudes complain it's "all women"

There's a well-studied phenomenon that men overestimate even occasional participation by, or mention of, women, but in case you had any doubt...

The excellent Stuff You Missed in History Class is hosted by two women, and though they make a concerted effort to talk about women, women still make up much less than half of the subjects of their podcasts.

Nevertheless, they are barraged by complaints and negative reviews from men who claim that their primary subject matter is women. To finally put the issue to rest, they categorized the show's episodes since 2013, and produced some handy pie-charts they can refer those whiny man-babies to.

Our grand total:

92 men or groups of men

66 women or groups of women

62 events primarily or exclusively about men

4 events primarily or exclusively about women

117 Ungendered subjects

Our Final Answer on ‘Too Many Women’
[Tracy V Wilson/Missed in History]

(via Skepchick)