Sign a book of congratulations for America's new Librarian of Congress

John from Everylibrary writes, "Please join EveryLibrary in sending congratulations to Dr. Carla Hayden, our new Librarian of Congress, by signing below with your personal comment or reflection of congratulations along with your name. We will take all the signatures and comments made by midnight on Tuesday, July 20th and create a commemorative book for Dr. Hayden. We'll send the book, along with a nice bouquet from all of us, to her this week."

"We have high hopes for Dr. Hayden's tenure as Librarian of Congress. She is the right person to lead this key American library and put this treasured institution to work for all Americans. We are excited to have her leadership. EveryLibrary wishes her the best."

I've got high hopes, though her confirmation hearings hinted at some worrying views on internet regulation and copyright, she could hardly be worse than the guy who had the job before her for a generation. Plus, having an actual librarian — especially one who's been stalwart against the PATRIOT Act — in the job is an unalloyed good.

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