Actress Jen Richards explains the problem with casting cis actors in trans roles

Trans actress and activist Jen Richards—whose show Her Story was recently nominated for an Emmy—has been engaging in some important dialogue about representation recently. Specifically she's focused on Hollywood's insistence on casting cis (i.e. non-trans) actors in trans parts. Though it happens frequently (think Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club), Richards' most recent comments were specifically inspired by the upcoming indie movie Anything, which stars Matt Bomer as a transgender sex worker. Richards tweeted out a long thread on the topic, including these tweets:

Richards took issue with both Bomer and Mark Ruffalo, who is an executive producer on Anything.

As backlash against the film increased, Ruffalo himself got involved in the conversation:

Richards tweeted support for Ruffalo's openness:

And she later uploaded this 13-minute video in which she thoughtfully explains the entire situation and invites Ruffalo to continue the conversation with her:

For more on the topic, you can read a Hollywood Reporter op-ed from director of GLAAD's Transgender Media Program Nick Adams called "Matt Bomer and Men Who Play Transgender Women Send a 'Toxic and Dangerous' Message." And to support a series in which trans actors play trans roles, you can watch Her Story right here.