The world's smallest camera drone now comes with 2GB of memory

It's no secret that tiny drones are super fun to fly because of their nimble movements, high speeds, and easy maneuverability. The downside is missing out on the cameras offered by larger drones on the market.

That's exactly why the World's Smallest Camera Drone is so amazing. Get all the benefits of a mini drone with the advantage of snapping awesome aerial shots along the way. 

At only $26.99, this tiny drone surprisingly packs a ton of really impressive features. It's omni-directional, meaning it can turn every which way you tell it to with the included remote control. And it doesn't skimp on speed either: 3 speed flight modes let you control whether you want to cruise or tear through the sky.

With its superior flying stability and side flight, hover, flip, and hand launch capabilities, the World's Smallest Camera Drone is full of opportunities to advance your drone piloting skills. Plus, the attached LED lights let you fly the drone at night, so you can capture crystal-clear video and photography no matter what time of day it is. 

As a bonus, there's even a 2GB camera memory card included so you can store your photos onboard. It's available now in the Boing Boing Store for 46% off the retail price – simply click here for more info.