Atmos' high-end versatile vaporizer is perfect for beginners

The Vicod 5G Vaporizer is advertised as easy-to-use, and it's a really solid vaporizer for beginners. One thing that immediately impressed me was its solid construction. Unlike other vapes, Vicod feels truly high-end, like it won't just fall apart after a few uses.

You just click open the chamber, pack it, and you're ready to go. The OLED screen even displays the temperature you're lighting up at, and shows where the battery life stands.

Another great feature is that you can control the temperature to the degree (from 300F – 435F). This type of precision is rare and allowed me to really find my personal sweet spot for a perfect vaping experience. Thanks to the vents on both sides, I was able to create some impressively large vape clouds too.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this little vape, which is actually conveniently compact enough to fit in my pocket. The manufacturer also offers a good 5-year warranty which adds a lot of value to the deal.

You can find it in the Boing Boing Store for just $84.95 – 34% off the original price.