Notorious copyright troll sentenced to 20 weeks' prison time for beating Uber driver

Robert Croucher owns Hatton & Berkeley, a firm that sent "speculative invoices" to people it accused of illegally downloading the Robert Redford movie "The Company You Keep" — letters so egregious that Lord Lucas described the company as "scammers" and the letters as "extortion," urging Britons to "put them in the bin."

Croucher has been sentenced to 20 weeks in prison following an incident outside of the members-only Raffles club in London. Croucher had a dispute with a woman already in the car that ended when he took away the driver's keys by reaching through the window; the driver says he was then slapped by Croucher, knocked to the ground, and kicked in the body and head.

Croucher objected to the sentence, telling the court, "This will destroy my life, I am the director of a company, and everyone would lose their jobs."

Earlier this year, the Advertising Standards Agency found that Croucher had made a misleading claim on his website, where he said he had created 10,000 jobs.

"I was begging for my keys and he suddenly pushed me on the pavement," Hussain told the Court.

"He has just kicked me in several parts of my body and head. My head was very swollen, I went to hospital where I stayed for four hours. I went to my GP a few days later and got prescribed antibiotics, it was severe pain."

Croucher, who gave his address as Hawthorn Road, Hornsey, north London, admits assault but denies kicking Mr Hussain.

Company boss cries as he is jailed for assaulting Uber driver outside gentlemen's club
[Tristan Kirk/Evening Standard]

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