Slow TV: spend an hour on this Swiss mountain rail line

For nearly an hour, this steam train from Brienz to Rothorn ascends a steep mountain and navigates narrow tunnels amid spectacular Swiss scenery. In addition to driver POV, YouTuber Timsvideochannel1 also got footage of the views:

Tim makes it sound like a really lovely adventure:

With the mist lifting on a warm still morning we catch the first train on the last operating day of 2015. The train crew are very friendly; keen we should enjoy their railway on this wonderful autumn day. We start climbing through autumn gold woods with shafts of sunshine breaking through the leaf cover creating an almost magical atmosphere, before passing through a series of tunnels, between which the line is perched on a narrow ledge, with occasional stunning views over the lake far below. We pass the tree line onto the rugged mountainside for more dramatic vistas across deep valleys and snow covered peaks. Take a seat and enjoy one of the most outstanding rides in Switzerland.

If you find yourself in Switerland, here is the train's website.

Brienz Rothorn Bahn (Switzerland) (YouTube / Timsvideochannel1)