Forget sporks, chorks are blowing up this month

That kitchen drawer full of plastic takeout utensils is about to get some new company thanks to The Chork, a chopstick-fork combo making a major fast-food rollout on November 10.

They can be used as a fork, split vertically into chopsticks with cute little two-tine forks on the ends, or kept together as chopstick cheaters to reduce fumbling with two loose chopsticks. Some folks have reported that the cheater option may snap in two unexpectedly unless your pinching is of a gentle nature.


Via Techly:

Essentially what's we're looking at here is two chopsticks that have been glued both to each other and to a fork in a wonderfully efficient design that looks a bit like a weapon from Mortal Kombat and sounds a bit like something a bored teenager might invent in the school holidays.

If you don't eat Panda Express but want to try them out, you can buy a pack.

Bonus video: a manufacturer's video so inept that it's kind of charming.

The Chork (via Techly)