Audio while swimming is getting pretty good

I've been swimming, surfing, boogie boarding and scuba diving with these HydroActive waterproof headphones by Underwater Audio. Everything about them is an upgrade on earlier models.

I love having some music to help keep me out of my head as I swim. Finding headphones that fit well, didn't interfere with activity, and sounded good seemed to be sets that would not intersect. These HydroActive swim buds have done the trick for almost all aquatic endeavors I enjoy.

These phones come with a large selection of earbud shapes and styles. I'm using the smaller sized ergo buds, and they fit wonderfully. I tried several, in the water and out, several fit well and felt great. Choosing ones as "mine" took a but but I prefer the ergo shape. The phones also sport a wrap-around bar, which seems like it'd be a problem but actually works very well. The headphones stay in and the bar doesn't create weird drag or leverage problems in the water very often. I've wiped out more than a few times, dove under, and taken waves directly in the face with these on without missing a beat.

The sound is far improved over earlier models. These are the first underwater headphones I've had with any amount of detailed bass. I've enjoyed everything from classical to funk, and for once I do not find myself thinking they are just 'good enough' these headphones are actually good.

These are better but still not very good for SCUBA diving. The wrap-around-bar is incompatible with my hood, and the first stage regulator, plus air hoses behind my head. The sound of the second stage working is always going to be so loud as to make headphones an annoying frustration. The only other sport where these have giving me any grief is fly fishing, and that was my own damn fault.

I am also a huge fan of Underwater Audio's water-resistant iPod shuffle, to drive these headphones.

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones via Amazon