This CES award-winning gadget helps you instantly calm down and focus

NERVANA is an award-winning gadget aimed at helping people calm down and regain focus with just a generator and headphone set.

By sending a gentle electrical wave through the left ear canal, NERVANA stimulates the body's Vagus nerve—the nerve that triggers neurotransmitters that help us focus, feel relaxed, and cut out distractions. In short, NERVANA helps us calm down, and calm down fast.

The gentle signal is emitted while you're listening to music—thanks to NERVANA's proprietary, patented circuitry. And if you're feeling like relaxing sans music, you can also use NERVANA in formula mode.

This technology is so effective that it won the TechStars Award in the "Lifestyle and Digital Health" category at CES 2016, and it was later featured in USA Today.

You can get 21% off NERVANA in the Boing Boing Store and start improving your focus for just $249.99.