This focus-enhancing soundtrack is the key to a productive 2017

Flow state, the harmony of action and awareness (i.e. focusing), can seem impossible to achieve these days. From texts to social media, staying on-task can be difficult. Fortunately, the founders of found a solution for being more productive in the form of AI-generated music.

Putting on headphones to shut out the world is a common tactic for focusing, but sometimes podcasts and music can have the opposite effect. acts like a radio station that you tune to your desired state-of-mind, be it sleeping, mindful meditation, or intense study.

Their AI composer creates music in real-time that is specifically tailored to get you in the zone in less than fifteen minutes.

Whether designing, coding, or writing, will help you lock into your creative groove with music. Take pleasure in your work with a lifetime of access to for only $39, a limited-time discount of over $160 off its normal price.