This futuristic wallet handles your plastic

Traditional folding wallets are designed for paper bills—but these days, carrying cash is rarely a necessity. More often than not, I don't carry cash at all. This Bogui Clik Wallet is the best answer I've found for avoiding the hassle of those tight-fitting credit card pockets.

This attractive, minimalist wallet features a protective lip, so my cards don't fall out of my pocket. Everything is held in place with a simple metal clip that also doubles as a bottle opener, so you can still fit folded bills as well as up to eight cards and open your cold drinks. Additionally, this durable wallet is made from RFID-blocking materials, so you can stay safe from credit card skimmers.

I highly suggest this wallet for anyone looking to get a little more organized in 2017. For a limited time, get the Bogui Clik Wallet for just $42.99, 25% off retail.

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