Watch self-folding aeromorphs transform via pneumatic origami

Running materials through a modified 3D printer to create sealed compartments can yield forms that change shape when inflated. MIT's Tangible Media Group demonstrates.

This work presents a design, simulation, and fabrication pipeline for making transforming inflatables with various materials. We introduce a bending mechanism that creates multiple, programmable shape-changing behaviors with inextensible materials, including paper, plastics and fabrics. We developed a software tool that generates this bending mechanism for a given geometry, simulates its transformation, and exports the compound geometry as digital fabrication files. We show a range of fabrication methods from manual sealing to heat pressing with custom stencils and a custom heat-sealing head that can be mounted on usual 3-axis CNC machines to precisely fabricate the designed transforming material. Finally, we present applications to show how this technology could be used for designing interactive wearables, toys, and furniture.

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aeroMorph (Vimeo / Tangible Media Group)