Three-legged white fox escapes petting zoo, is found

Thor, a three-legged fox, escaped from Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom in England and was free for some time before being tracked down.

"He was tracked down to a wood yesterday and last night he was caught in a trap left out for him," writes Andy Giddings of BBC Shropshire. "The wildlife centre says he 'seems very relieved to be back home'."

Four-year-old Thor went wandering after a branch fell on his enclosure. Thor managed to stay hidden long enough to generate deep concern among staff.

"He must have jumped about 8ft on to the branch, which was pretty floppy. So that is still a hell of a jump," he said.

There have been three sightings of Thor, an Arctic-silver fox cross, but staff are still searching for him.

"I am surprised there have not been more sightings of a three-legged fox who must be looking for food," Mr Dorrell said.

The Shropshire Star reported that he traveled five miles from Hoo Farm, near Telford.

Edward Dorrell, partner at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom, said: "It's true we've located him, we haven't caught him yet but.

"He's very happy and very well and we hand-fed him this morning.

"We've got a house holder who's being very cooperative.

"It's a rural area and there's only one small road nearby, but there's woodland so as soon as he's had enough he might wander off into the woodland.

They recaptured him shortly thereafter.

Photo: Tracy Elliot via BBC.