Lions eat poachers

Three poachers who broke into a game reserve this week were eaten by lions, reports Newsweek. Read the rest

Dog on a treadmill

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” ― Winston S. Churchill Read the rest

Sandworms are real

In this video, a dead fish is used to tease a Bobbit worm (Eunice aphroditois) into revealing its vicious skill as an ambush predator. Fortunately, it's all happening underwater, far away from me. Read the rest

Monkey slapping lion

Introducing the worst video thumbnail image in Boing Boing and perhaps world history. [via] Read the rest

Will this water trap stop a cunning cat from opening the door?

"You scare me," he says. Then: "*sigh*" Read the rest

Is this dog God?

Meet Will. The music is from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Read the rest

Dog finally convinced to howl

"It took quite a while to finally get her to howl," writes Hugh Nibley, "and when she did we were not prepared for the majesty of her regal voice."

Is it just me, or is that dog a dial-up modem? Read the rest

Highway wolves

The music is "Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys:

Read the rest

Horse not alarmed by wolves

In this footage, a wild horse is apparently unbothered by the presence of several wolves, and perhaps even quite friendly with them. Perhaps it has already sufffered a crippling injury and is going mad as the predators continuously stalk and harass it into fatigue and despair, after having already suffered brain parasites or some other tragic malady of horses. Or maybe it just doesn't give a shit. Read the rest

Happy Birthday Dear Chicken

"Who are these people?"

Megan Fogarty posted this wonderful video of kindergarteners singing "Happy Birthday" to a hatching chicken.

UPDATE: Chickens return the compliment:

Read the rest

Cat chattering

This cat appears to be chattering adorably with invisible fairies, but I'm sure that some terrible illness or infirmity has in fact befallen it and all I achieved by posting this is to serve the sociopathic tendency of social media to suppress human empathy in its endless provision of amusement and distraction. Read the rest

Pictures of dogs zooming around

r/zoomies is my new favorite subreddit, exclusively dedicated to pictures and videos of dogs zooming around. Pictured here is a recent repost of a zooming pup creating a path through morning dew, originally posted by babolattack. [via] Read the rest


Previously: Arf.mp4


Moreover, it is postulated that...

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Videos of octopuses changing color

In the video above, The National Geographic explains chromatophors, the pigment-changing cells in certain species of octopus.

The blue-ringed octopus is venomous and entirely willing to let you know before you get too close. Karel Mestdagh shot this video on a Samsung Galaxy S4 in a waterproof case:

Octopuses' camouflage is a behavioral as well as colorful performance, mimicking other sea creatures from lionfish to cuttles:

Read the rest

Wonderful article about dogs

Jennifer Boylan reflects on the death and life of companions in Inside of a Dog

This summer, I took Indigo for one last walk. She was slow and unsteady on her paws. She looked up at me mournfully. “You did say you’d take care of me, when the time came,” her eyes said. “You promised.”

Photo: Jennifer Boylan Read the rest

Forum for doglifting enthusiasts

r/doglifting, a forum to post pictures of you lifting up your dog, is my new favorite subreddit.

Read the rest

Nativity cow in second bid for freedom

Stormy the cow was recaptured after again escaping the Philadelphia nativity scene in which she is imprisoned. The bovine's second bid for freedom ended after she was found about a block away from the Old City historical neighborhood. Her first saw her reach the I-95 highway, where police surrounded her with cars and summoned a "cow expert" -- do they mean a farmer? -- to help return her to the festive corrall.

There is already a Stormy the Escaped Nativity Cow Twitter account.

Read the rest

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