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Moreover, it is postulated that...

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Videos of octopuses changing color

In the video above, The National Geographic explains chromatophors, the pigment-changing cells in certain species of octopus.

The blue-ringed octopus is venomous and entirely willing to let you know before you get too close. Karel Mestdagh shot this video on a Samsung Galaxy S4 in a waterproof case:

Octopuses' camouflage is a behavioral as well as colorful performance, mimicking other sea creatures from lionfish to cuttles: Read the rest

Wonderful article about dogs

Jennifer Boylan reflects on the death and life of companions in Inside of a Dog

This summer, I took Indigo for one last walk. She was slow and unsteady on her paws. She looked up at me mournfully. “You did say you’d take care of me, when the time came,” her eyes said. “You promised.”

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Forum for doglifting enthusiasts

r/doglifting, a forum to post pictures of you lifting up your dog, is my new favorite subreddit. Read the rest

Nativity cow in second bid for freedom

Stormy the cow was recaptured after again escaping the Philadelphia nativity scene in which she is imprisoned. The bovine's second bid for freedom ended after she was found about a block away from the Old City historical neighborhood. Her first saw her reach the I-95 highway, where police surrounded her with cars and summoned a "cow expert" -- do they mean a farmer? -- to help return her to the festive corrall.

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Capybara invasion caught on camera

I have no idea what the fellow is saying about this tribe of capybaras invading a warehouse in Brazil, I'm just glad that they did so and that he was there to record it for posterity. Read the rest

Englishman takes emu for walk

If you're a fan of emus, or a fan of swearing in a northern English accent, this is the video for you. Read the rest

Houdini Honey Badger Escapes Every Time

From a nature show on BBC 2, here's the story of a Honey Badger who cannot be confined! He’s smarter than Houdini. Read the rest

Behold the unnervingly rectangular livestock of pastoral art

Spike, founder of Chicago's Iron Circus Comics, found these adorable monsters from an age when money, traditional technique and unusual subject matter first met.

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Flautist vs. Butterfly

Flautist Youkie Ota thought she was going to nail Pierre Sancan's minimalist arrangement for flute and piano at the Carl Nielsen International competition in Odense, but hadn't planned on a butterfly swooping in to try and fuck her up! During the sonatina's second movement, it just totally landed on her face right there in the middle of the concert hall. Ota forged on through the Andante Espressivo, though, overcoming the insect in a long and brutal battle of wills, waiting until a quiet moment to fling her foe to one side. Only when the cameras were off did Ota get a chance to give her vanquished enemy a free ride home—on her bootheel. Read the rest

German shepherd alarmed by sudden disappearance of owner

Turn up your speakers! The music really makes it.

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Beluga whale imitating human speech

It's from 2012, but National Geographic's article about a Beluga whale imitating human speech is not to be missed. Embedded above is a recording of Noc, who pretty much sounds like he's taking the mickey out of us.

Researchers first noticed something peculiar back in 1984, when they heard people talking around NOC's enclosure when no one else was nearby.

"You could hear there was a conversation, but you couldn't make out what they were saying," said study co-author Sam Ridgway of the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program in San Diego. The source of the chattering was later confirmed when a human diver thought someone had told him to get out of the whale's tank—it turned out to be NOC, repeating a sound like the word "out."

Doo doo do doooo (*muttering*) stupid humans DO DAAA DOD DOOOO! Read the rest

There's nothing like relaxing at home with your dog

"Petting your dog," writes Blake Boege, "is the most relaxing thing you can possibly do." Read the rest

Dying 59-year-old chimpanzee recognizes old friend

Mama was 59 years old, the oldest among the Royal Burgers Zoo chimpanzee colony in Arnhem.

Jan van Hooff (emeritus professor behavioural biology at Utrecht University and co-founder of the Burgers colony) who has known Mama since 1972, visited her in the week before she died of old age in april 2016. It took a while before she became aware of Jan's presence. Her reaction was extremely emotional and heart-breaking. Mama played an important social role in the colony. This has been described in "Chimpanzee Politics" by Frans de Waal, who studied the colony since 1974.

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Tinyworlds: gorgeous forest photos released under the Creative Commons

Rick "Tinyworlds" Hoppmann has released all of his wonderful forest photos under a non-commercial Creative Commons license. You can use it, remix it and share it yourself so long as you credit him and so long as you don't profit from it.
If you want to use my photos for commercial use (e.g. album covers), please send me an email: rick.kelgar(at)web.de

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Cat adopts orphaned hedgehogs

The story varies depending on the source—momma being killed by a trap, run over by a car, lawnmowered, etc—but in all cases the result is this video of a pile of baby hedgehogs suckling on a cat.

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