Lost seal pup rescued

The lost seal pup in this photo, taken by tourist boat operator William McPhee is fine. It was floating unconscious in the water after being parted from its mother, writes the BBC, and was lucky someone chanced across it.

She "would certainly have drowned" if not for their "quick thinking and efforts", a Tynemouth Seal Rescue Unit spokesman said.

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Ever seen a cicada hatch?

Scroll down, now you have! Read the rest

Corgi vs. corgi

Two corgis do battle in this epic video confrontation posted on YouTube by Defacto Sound, which I suspect is exploiting the Corg Wars to show off its audio design talents. Read the rest

Very long dog is adorable

Meet Eris The Borzoi. Read the rest

Bird love: Hyacinth macaws are being so affectionate with this girl

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Watch this sweet cat enjoy a gentle face rub

You definitely need some of this cuteness right now.

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This little Maltese dog thinks he's a big elephant

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Dog is super excited about licking this yogurt off

Felix the dog got some yogurt today and he's very excited about licking the extra smooshes off his nose. Read the rest

Puppies clean kitten

May your monday be as charming and as thoroughly moistening as this crew of puppies. Read the rest

Baby 2-headed turtle hatchling discovered by South Carolina turtle patrol

An organization that monitors sea turtles in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, reports they've found a two-headed Loggerhead turtle hatchling. Read the rest

Blue-eyed deer was rescued, is in a loving and caring refuge now

The amazing Owl's Nest Sanctuary For Wildlife shared images of this incredibly beautiful blue-eyed baby deer on their Facebook page. Read the rest

Alligator scales fence

An alligator scaled a fence "effortlessly" at Air Station Jacksonville in Florida, and it was all caught on video.

Christina Stewart stopped to film the gator claw its way up a fence before belly-flopping onto the grass and continuing on its way. Officials with NAS Jacksonville said they don't plan on removing the alligator from the base unless he poses a danger to residents.

We're not trapped in here with it, it's trapped in here with us. Read the rest

Vultures occupy Florida home, fill it with vomit and excrement

It's the case of the vomiting vultures: a vacation home returned to only to find it occupied by vultures, and all the things that come out of vultures.

Siobhan Casimano described the smell as “like a thousand rotting corpses.” The vultures have destroyed screen enclosures and have overtaken the pool and barbecue. The few times the family has visited, they’ve had to park their car in the garage to avoid the birds pecking at them with their beaks.

It gets worse, because someone is feeding the vultures, because of course they are, it's Florida.

“Imagine 20 vultures trapped, biting each other — and they can bite through bones,” she said. “They would bang against my windows running away from a bird that was attacking them. Blood was everywhere. It was a vile, vicious, traumatic event. And it was Memorial Day, so no company I called would come out to help me.”

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Florida raccoon freed from vending machine

The sheriff in Volusia County, Fla., reports that "a gentlemen was apprehended today while committing a burglary of a vending machine at Pine Ridge High School" in Deltona.

Adds the AP:

...spokesman Andrew Gant says a deputy stationed at Pine Ridge High School was notified of the trapped raccoon Wednesday and called animal control for assistance. A vending machine operator was also contacted to unlock the door. They rolled the vending machine to an open area of the school and after about two hours the raccoon was set free.

The sheriff's Facebook posting has a lot of boomer energy in the comments.

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Florida woman who pulled alligator from yoga pants avoids jail

A Florida woman who "pulled a small alligator from her yoga pants" was sentenced to probation after admitting four charges related to illegally possessing wild animals. Read the rest

A seal, with subtitles

I typed up the following partial transcription of the subtitles:

SEAL: geaaaagh SEAL: ggeg SEAL: gigphph SEAL: d'egff SEAL: mibph SEAL: guh SEAL: miuhff SEAL: murph! SEAL: d'egg SEAL: egg! SEAL: egg! SEAL: mmnghphp SEAL: fibsh SEAL: lliggk SEAL: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Wasp nest fills car

Used car for sale! Only 10,000 careful owners: "You need to call yourself an exterminator, dude."

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