Neo-Nazis Attack Boing Boing Publisher

In a Boing Boing post last December, I wrote that some asshole anti-Semites were planning a march to chase the Jews out of Whitefish, Montana. Well, some asshole anti-Semites didn't like the attention.

Look at how angry some Hitler enthusiasts got over my honest comments! I was sharing a quote from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) website!

The nazi assholes' rant isn't worth reading, all name-calling and anti-Semitic crap.
Nothing they wrote is remotely flattering, but they did choose a fetching image of my best friend, Nemo, and I. The rest of their outrage seems to have been pulled straight from my LinkedIn bio. I'm quite proud of the work I've done. In addition to publishing Boing Boing I have had some interesting jobs. It appears that some of my former consulting work really set them off:


Worthless Jew Fuck Jason Weisberger works for George Soros
"His diverse array of talents provided opportunities for him to serve in a consultative role for the following organizations: Associated Northcliffe Digital, the National Science Foundation, Panorama Capital and Soros Fund Management, LLC."

If I'm going to get picked on for being born Jewish, I might as well be associated with the biggest and baddest Judaic boogeyman around, Mr. George Soros. I do not work for him, however. I would gladly consult for them again, however.

While I'd normally just ignore this kind of thing, the site in question has a disclaimer, where they claim to be a PARODY site and nothing they write is to be taken seriously. However, they also offer a "complaint department" wherein they share a photograph of an apparently lynched black man, and threaten a woman who dared complain about their hate screed. These dual messages seem conflicted so I thought I'd both contact our pals at the ADL, and share it with you.

I firmly stand by my statement that neo-Nazis are assholes. I've heard from a number of people who live in (or know Jewish people who live in) Whitefish, Montana. I am assured they won't take any guff from these swine either.

Editor's Note: Jason Weisberger is Boing Boing's publisher, and regularly contributes blog posts about stuff he likes, or stuff he thinks is sucky. And Nazis suck.