Trump sets presidential record for most tweets in one day, all 123 of them stupid

Trump seemed awfully uptight today, didn't he. Can it be the impeachment trial?

By 4:25 PM today in Washington, DonaldTrump broke his own previous record of 123 tweets in a single day, a milestone he set just over one month ago, according to, 'a service that compiles and analyzes data on Trump’s presidency.' Read the rest

Trump and Apple's Tim Cook to meet at Davos

Impeached phony president and utter turd of a man Donald Trump will attend a breakfast meeting on Wednesday at Davos with Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, Reuters reports. Read the rest

Why AG Barr's use of Pensacola shooter case to rebuke Apple is so suspicious

FBI needs to be able to hack into your iphone, Trump's sham AG William Barr says

Ukraine asks FBI for help investigating alleged Russian hack of Burisma

Ukraine is asking United States FBI to help it investigate a suspected state-sponsored hack by the Russian military on Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company at the center of the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump. Read the rest

Everything you wanted to know about money-laundering but were afraid to ask

"If we were serious about crime, we’d take most of the cops off the streets and replace them with accountants": this, from the introduction to CZ Edwards' amazing Twitter thread about the nuts-and-bolts of money-laundering and how it applies to modern geopolitics, including Trump's assassination of an Iranian government official and the role that Trump's real-estate, failed businesses and casinos played in the global money-laundry, without which most serious crime would collapse. Read the rest

Yet another Chinese woman arrested for trespassing at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Well, this is weird. Read the rest

Trump impeachment heads to Senate, but...

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald J. Trump last night. The 45th President of the United States became the third ever to be impeached last night, on abuse of power, and obstruction of justice.

What's next? The impeachment process goes to the Senate, where the President goes on trial. Read the rest

Foxconn wants Wisconsin to keep paying it billions, but it won't disclose what kind of factory it will build

When Donald Trump and then-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced a plan to give billions of dollars to the notorious Taiwanese sweatshop operator Foxconn to build a super-factory in Wisconsin, knowledgeable people were alarmed. Read the rest

Rudy Giuliani: 'I needed Yovanovitch out of the way. She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody'

That Rudy Giuliani is really out-Giuliani-ing himself this week. What's he up to? This feels like a set-up, a prelude to a greater Act yet to come. Read the rest

Trump pays $2 million fine for stealing from his charity

It's not surprising that Trump used his own charity like a personal piggy bank. Nor is it surprising that his base loves him all the more for stealing the money. What is surprising is that there was still almost $2 million left in the charity's account. I guess he'll be heading to Moscow again soon, MAGA hat in hand.

From The Intelligencer:

A judge ordered the payment last month after Trump admitted to abusing the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which he used over the years to buy a portrait of himself and a Broncos helmet autographed by Tim Tebow, among other noncharitable items.

The foundation, which has been shut down, also distributed the $1.8 million left in its coffers to the eight charities, giving them each a total of $476,140.41. The charities are Army Emergency Relief, the Children’s Aid Society, Citymeals on Wheels, Give an Hour, Martha’s Table, the United Negro College Fund, United Way of the National Capital Area, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The NY attorney general's office also said that Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka, who were officials with the foundation, took “compulsory training to ensure this type of illegal activity never takes place again.” Thank goodness this type of illegal activity will never take place again!

Photo of Trump by Gage Skidmore -, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link. Modified. Read the rest

Nikki Haley: Confederate flag meant 'service, sacrifice, heritage' until Dylann Roof 'hijacked' it

🤔 Read the rest

Buy the cheap orange foundation Trump uses

Xeni just posted a link to the Washington Post's story about Trump's undocumented personal servants, who spilled the beans on his personal oddities. It revealed the brand of makeup he uses as Bronx Color, a premium-mediocre Swiss brand with a perfect "Alaska Fried Chicken"-esque name to evoke American panache for eurotrash customers.

Here's a link to what I suspect is what's slathered on the presidential chops: the Nutmeg WPF06 Waterproof foundation []. It's about 14 euros and heaven knows if they'll ship it to the States. It's occasionally found at Amazon but currently sold out.

Bronx Color is already milking the mention, but to push a product that is too orange, even by Trumpian standards, to be the one he uses all over.

Read the rest

Trump admin sued for requiring foreigners to disclose social media accounts when applying for visas

Two of documentary film groups are suing the administration of President Donald Trump for requiring foreigners to hand over their social media account IDs, even pseudonymous ones, to U.S. officials when applying for a visa. Read the rest

Trump is a creepy weirdo, his undocumented servants reveal

Donald Trump's undocumented personal servants were “often left to perform the most intimate and personal work” in the Trump estates. His former domestic workers from Costa Rica, Mexico, and other Latin American countries now have some intimate and personal details about Trump to share with the world. Read the rest

LIVE: Watch the Trump Impeachment Hearings

This morning's installment of the House impeachment hearings against manifestly unfit and corrupt U.S. President Donald Trump have been something else, indeed.

Don't miss history unfolding in front of you.


LIVE: House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Professor Pamela Karlan was absolutely on fire.

Read the rest

Humiliated Trump leaves NATO summit early after video emerges of world leaders mocking him

Earlier today, Xeni posted the video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Princess Anne yukking it up about what a twerp Trump is. Trump has left the NATO summit early, reports The Independent, after describing Trudeau as "two-faced" and cancelling a press event.

Donald Trump has reacted furiously to footage of world leaders apparently making fun of him, calling Justin Trudeau “two-faced” then cancelling a press conference and cutting short his attendance at a Nato summit.

The US president was asked whether he had seen the clip in which his international counterparts appeared to joke about his explosive press conference with Emmanuel Macron.

“You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor!” Mr Trudeau apparently said of Mr Trump.

NBC News elaborates:

NBC News had not confirmed whom Trudeau was speaking about, although earlier in the day, Trump was involved in a 38-minute press event alongside Macron. Prior to that, the president spoke alongside NATO Sec. Gen. Jens Stoltenberg for about 53 minutes.

Macron and Johnson's offices declined to comment on the video, and Canadian officials were not immediately available for a response.

"Well, he's two-faced," Trump said of Trudeau alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday. "And honestly with Trudeau he's a nice guy, but the truth is I called him out on the fact he's not paying 2 percent (in military spending) and I guess he's not happy about it."

Read the rest

VIDEO: Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson discuss Trump's nutty behavior

Oh boy.

Donald's not going to like this one at all. Read the rest

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