Be a good guy hacker and keep WOPR from running amok

This is how it happens: the bad guys break into computers, steal all the information, and then Yahoo! sells for a whole lot less. (Comparatively.) After that, white hat hackers are called in to crack the same susceptible networks, evaluate their security, and plug the holes in the digital dam, all for a very cool wage. Ethical hackers are in constant demand these days as organizations seek to avoid becoming the next cautionary tale, and you can learn how to become one yourself with the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle.

This bundle includes 9 courses and 45 hours of hands-on learning on topics ranging from keylogging to DARKNET and wireless attacks. An extensive training in ethical hacking and penetration testing with a variety of tools and operating systems, this bundle will even go so far as to prepare you for the pinnacle of security certification exams, Certified Ethical Hacker.

Start working towards a career in netsec with the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle, on sale now for $49.

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