Master the Adobe Creative Cloud here and become a meme factory

Adobe has long been the industry leader in creative software. Its enduring popularity might be due to the relative ease of pirating Photoshop and the internet proliferation of amateur editing, but more likely it's the result of outstanding interoperability between its professional apps. Mastering every entry into their ever-expanding roster of image-making tools may be overkill if you're not a design professional, but getting up to speed with their most common offerings is not just doable, but a valuable resume point and genuinely useful skill.

To gain expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, take a look at this Training Bundle. With the Photoshop course, you’ll dive into the monolithic image editor and learn a full set of photo retouching and digital painting techniques. Once you understand the depth of graphics manipulation, you can discover Illustrator’s powerful vector-editing capabilities to make infinitely scalable artwork, edit typography, and craft clean icon and logo designs. Finally, you can explore professional video editing and color correction using Premiere.

With this trio of programs under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a multimedia production powerhouse. Learn them all in the Adobe CC Essentials Training Bundle—just $29.