Patrick Bateman would totally carry his laptop in this bag

When you hear "laptop bag", you probably think of a worn-out black padded pleather abomination carried by the world's grumpiest IT guy. Since we all know that stereotypes are hurtful, let's put the myth of unfashionable computer gear to rest. Not all workplace accessories are on the same aesthetic level as a cubicle farm, Dilbert.

Born in America's biggest apple, this laptop-sized messenger bag has enough storage pockets to keep all your devices in order without looking like it belongs in the basement of Initech. On the outside, it features a subtle gray pattern that pairs just as well with jeans as it does with a suit.

With an adjustable strap and ample padding to keep everything inside safe, this bag is a perfect companion for your morning commute. Usually $89.99, you can get this Slim Laptop Carrier here for $24.99.

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