Fundraising for Diego Gómez, grad student who faced criminal charges for sharing a scientific paper

Timothy from Creative Commons writes, "A few weeks ago Diego Gómez, the former Colombian student who's been prosecuted for sharing a research paper online, was acquitted of criminal charges.

"But the long arm of copyright is not through with Diego yet. The prosecution appealed the decision, meaning that even after several years of unnecessary (and expensive) criminal proceedings, Diego's case continues to the appellate court.

"Now he needs our help. Fundacion Karisma, the Colombian digital rights organisation that's been supporting Diego since the beginning, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the ongoing legal expenses. The campaign is called 'Compartir no es delito: Sharing Is Not A Crime'; it's being supported by organisations like the EFF, Right to Research Coalition, and Creative Commons. "

Compartir no es delito: Sharing Is Not A Crime

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