In "time for sushi", David Lewandowski's flexible freak becomes an army

L.A.-based filmmaker David Lewandowski is back with a new (and much anticipated) video titled, "time for sushi." I'm not going to pretend I get it but if it touches you as much as it did me, head over to That's where you'll find memorabilia inspired by his YouTube channel, including a $90,000 chessboard made with carved "ethically sourced arctic mammoth ivory and rare meteorite alloy."

He explains:

The future of independent, artisanal, high-effort nonsense on YouTube is uncertain. I appreciate your choice to support this work with the purchase of my unusual merch.

I did not plan, I've always felt distinctly anti-commercial about this series., Wi th the crash of YouTube's ad economy in early 2017 via the advertising crisis , Options for filmmakers like me have quickly changed.

Picking up a book or towel makes you a part of the next step for my channel.

…or a $90,000 chessboard.


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