Verizon bought Yahoo, so Flickr and Tumblr users with AT&T email addresses are being cut off

Verizon's using its purchase of Yahoo for more than undermining the fight for net neutrality: it's also using its new acquisitions to make anti-competitive moves against its telcoms rivals, deploying the users of Flickr and Tumblr as hostages.

Starting on June 30, any Flickr or Tumblr user with an email address provided by an AT&T subsidiary — such as,,,,,, etc — will no longer be able to access their accounts — they'll have to create new Yahoo IDs to continue accessing their stored photos, posts, and other materials.

Other Yahoo services are also affected, from Yahoo Fantasy Sports to Yahoo Answers and many, many others.

AT&T provided even more information about the email service termination, including a list of sites affected by the change and instructions on how to switch email addresses inside services that support the email change. Flickr users will have to visit an email transfer page, while Tumblr users can change their email address in their settings page.

Not every Yahoo service will support an email transfer, however, and may require you to create a new Yahoo ID without the benefit of saving your past data. Better hurry.

Flickr and Tumblr Users With AT&T Emails Are About to Lose Access to Their Accounts [Patrick Lucas Austin/Lifehacker]

(via Beyond the Beyond)