Kickstarting maker-kits for kids based on conductive play-doh

Technology Will Save Us (previously) have fully funded their Dough Universe Kickstarter, maker kits for kids that combine conductive play-doh ("electro-dough") with simple components like motors and switches with apps that make it all programmable.

The starter projects teach basic electronic design through play, but the dough, apps and components allow kids to make many, many more things.

There are three $45 kits, or it's $125 for all three. Delivery is scheduled for November, in time for Xmas, and the company has delivered on its crowdfunders before, making this a low-risk purchase. I own several Tech Will Save Us products and can personally attest to their awesomeness. I pledged for all three kits.

With the Electro Machines kit, budding engineers learn about rotation and mechanical movement by building whizzy race cars and spinning robots!

The Dough Universe app brings the world of dough and tech together through interactive storytelling, fun games, and dozens of activities for little inventors to work through – keeping them busy for months to come.

65% of children will be in jobs that haven't been invented yet, and the best way to prepare them is to spark their interest in STEAM principles early. Dough Universe combines physical and digital worlds to get kids building, designing and mastering the world around them.

Dough Universe: Teach kids about electronics with play dough [Technology Will Save Us/Kickstarter]