How to drill holes through glass

Chris Notap bought some cheap hole-cutting bits on eBay and tried them out on a pane of glass, a mason jar, a ceramic bathroom tile, a mirror, and a coffee mug. The results are nice. Read the rest

How a safe lock works

Master woodworker Matthias Wandel made this demonstration safe lock. He sells the plans for $7 here.

Read the rest

Flybrix: "rebuildable, crash-friendly drones" made from Lego

Flybrix kits allow you to turn a variety of Lego builds into little copter-drones that you can fly with an app or a Bluetooth joystick. Read the rest

Li Ziqi making paper by hand

This calm and relaxing video depicts Li Ziqi making paper by slicing and drying tree bark, soaking it in water, slow-boiling it with ash under burlap, fastidiously cleaning it, crushing it, chopping it up, muddling it with a gigantic mortar and pestle, then smoothing the resulting cellulose slime on a floating mesh rack. Paper! There's even a funny twist ending. Li Ziqi's channel has many other beautifully-shot videos of things -- mostly simple but laborious meals -- being prepared from scratch. Read the rest

Make: a secret, rollaway bookshelf

Glue the spines from an old encyclopedia set to slats of wood, back with a piece of fabric (a "tambour") and top with woodscrews as makeshift rollers that run along a routed track, and voila, you've got a hidden stashbox that slides aside to reveal whatever you want to hide there. Read the rest

Raspberry Pi case looks like a tiny Nintendo NES console

This cute little Raspberry Pi case was "inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System." It's $11 on Amazon. Read the rest

Make: magazine's best tips of 2017

Gareth Branwyn of Make: has assembled a collection of the best of his Tips of the Week column from 2017. There are some gems in here, like John Park's method for twisting a pair of wires (above) and Becky Stern's method for "stripping, soldering, and shrink-tubing a cable splice. The trick is to offset the wire joins so that, when you add heat-shrink to the individual wires, and then the entire splice, you don’t get a big lump in the cable." Read the rest

Silencers for air compressors, drill-press hacking, Danish cord seating and more

Core 77's year-end roundup of "Best How-To's, Fabrication Techniques and Tool Hacks" is a fantastic grab-bag of fascinating, esoteric and useful hacks, tricks and techniques for making things better, running the gamut from building a silencer for your air compressor to weaving a Danish seating surface to fixing a Dremel tool to hacking a drill-press. Read the rest

An inside look at Noisebridge, San Francisco's anarchist hackerspace

Scotty of Strange Parts gives a tour of the fantastic makerspace, Noisebridge. I love this place because it's filled with interesting people working on all kinds of wild projects. Read the rest

California's record poverty and real-estate bubble are creating a "wheel-estate" boom of people with good jobs living in their cars

Extreme housing prices in California -- driven by a combination of speculation, favorable legal/tax positions for landlords, foreclosures after the 2008 crisis, and an unwillingness to build public housing -- has created vast homeless encampments, but there's a less visible side to the crisis: working people in "good jobs" who have to live in their cars. Read the rest

How a maker with Type I diabetes led an open source project to create a free-as-in-code artificial pancreas

Dana Lewis kickstarted the Open Artificial Pancreas System (previously) by trying to solve her own problems with monitoring her glucose levels, calculating insulin doses, and administering them around the clock -- an onerous task that her life depended on, which disrupted her sleep and challenged her to make reliable calculations regarding dangerous substances while her blood-sugar levels were troughing or spiking. Read the rest

Material culture, considered (harmful?)

Designer, maker and writer Hillary Predko's "Kipple Field Notes" is five short essays on the nature of stuff in the 21st century, its relationship to justice, the environment, cities, intergenerational strife, housing, and geopolitics. Read the rest

Watch: Scotty travels to India to make a manhole cover

Scotty of Strange Parts took a train across India to try to make a manhole cover at a cast iron foundry. His goal was to replace an existing manhole cover on Mission Street in San Francisco with his homemade manhole cover. Even though he failed, because everyone at the foundries thought he was an industrial spy, it's fascinating to get an inside look at a small foundry in India and to meet the very nice foundry owner. Scotty also started to have second thoughts about putting a manhole of his own design on a city street. Read the rest

Celebrate Xmas with your little makers with conductive play-doh kits from Technology Will Save Us

Back in July, I blogged the Kickstarter campaign for Technology Will Save Us's Dough Universe kits: kits for 4-7 year olds that use conductive dough to make squishy circuits that can power all kinds of electronics projects. Read the rest

Working anthropomorphic doorknobs in the style of Disney's psychedelic Alice in Wonderland

John H, a prop sculptor, sells handmade, $83 Alice in Wonderland doorknobs, which can either replace your existing knobs or fit around them. Available with painted details or brass finish. (via Geeks Are Sexy) Read the rest

Watch Jimmy DiResta make a 2-headed spoon

Jimmy DiResta, who makes everything from knives to furniture to musical instruments, recently made this nfty spoon with two business ends. I've whittled quite a few spoons in the last several years, so to see that ball gouge carve out the hollows of the spoon so effortlessly made me envious. Read the rest

Adam Savage made a limited-edition "everyday carry" toolbag out of old sailcloth, with room for everything

Retired Mythbuster and maker extraordinaire Adam Savage (previously) gave up on finding a bag to carry everything he needed and designed his own, a white, Gladstone-style toolbag that costs $225 and ships in time for Christmas. Read the rest

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