What is DevOps? Find out!

Developer Operations engineers are absolutely essential for continuously deploying large web services. Beyond working closely with developers to push new code into service, they’re responsible for maintaining existing systems, and are the first on the line when things go wrong. You can learn the fundamentals of this fairly-new—and tremendously important—discipline in the Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle.

Here’s what’s included in this collection:

Vagrant Essentials: Discover how to automate the creation of development environments with Vagrant.

Understanding Chef: Develop cloud application architecture using Chef.

Git and GitHub Essentials: Understand the most essential tool for software development collaboration.

Learn Ansible From Ground Up: Deploy IT infrastructure automatically with Ansible.

Learn Continuous Integration with Jenkins: Explore the practices of continuous integration and learn to orchestrate app builds.

Practical NGINX: Get familiar with NGINX, a lightweight, high-performance HTTP server used by Github and Netflix.

Docker for Professionals: Manage the containerization of your app’s separate components using Docker.

The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle is available here for 86% off the usual price — just $39.